It is quite common to think about writing an eBook and to go ahead and start writing what you think people want to read about only to find once it is complete that no one buys it. If you are writing an eBook to give away for free then using research to help you write your content isn’t as necessary but will make your product more appealing.

If you are selling eBooks online then it is essential that you start by using research to find out what people are reading now and how you can improve on that and/or write a new angle.
Below are 3 places you can use to conduct your research before writing an ebook

Book sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Go onto these sites and take a look at the best selling books on them.  Take a look at four or five different books and get an idea of what their angle is and how they are helping their readers.  If there is a topic that is popular consider how you can write your eBook on that topic and ride that wave.

Search Engines

Go into the search engines and take a look at what comes up on the first page of results. You should find videos, blogs, articles and other information on your topic – what is being said and how can you use some of it? Remember to keep a note on what you find. You might want to save a new folder in your bookmarks and keep them all in there for future use.

Google Trends

This is a great tool for looking at topics and seeing whether they are becoming popular or have already been popular and are losing interest.  You can enter and compare up to five topics at once, if you have a few different ideas about the eBook you want to write this will really help you decide which one is worth going for. You can find out more about using Google Trends here

If you are thinking about selling eBooks online you will make your life so much easier when you take the time to research your topic before writing and creating a title and eBook that people are currently searching for rather than go ahead full steam and write what you think is best.  There is nothing more frustrating than an eBook that doesn’t sell.

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