Have you noticed the increase in emails about the new FTC rules? To be honest being in the UK I am not even sure whether I am affected by them or not – but I have been checking out what different people have been saying and below are 10 web sites that you can visit for information that is clear and easy to understand. Do you know any others?

New FTC Guidelines for Bloggers & Internet Marketers – The Good, The Bad, and Everything Else You Need to Know

Source : Winning The Web

FTC: Blogger Freebies May Be Ad Fraud

Source : PC Mag

FTC to Fine Bloggers up to $11,000 for Not Disclosing Payments

Source : Mashable

Did The FTC’s New ‘Blogger’ Guidelines Just Change The Way All Book/Music Reviews Must Be Conducted?

Source: TechDirt

There is also the main FTC page to read of course


I like this point made by the just wondering department of techdirt

“The real question, from my standpoint, is whether or not the FTC is really needed here. If someone is constantly blogging positively about stuff they get for free, they put their own credibility at risk, as people realize that the products aren’t actually very good. It seems like the type of situation that sorts itself out. Those who are constantly pushing products for questionable reasons hurt themselves and soon no one trusts them. Does the FTC really need to be involved in that process?”

From reading all these articles (and I am not a legal expert so please do your own diligence – this is just my opinion ) – I have come to the opinion that the FTC rules only matter as a blogger if

  • You review a product, say its great, but you don’t tell people you received a free copy of it.
  • You review a product and you are paid to review it
  • You make claims that you can’t substansiate (this product helps people lose 10 lbs in 3 days!) – of course if you have used it and can say it helped you that’s different

Here’s a great perspective on it all from a blogger

Key Perspectives on the FTC Blogger Guidelines

The good news is that all these internet marketing gurus blinding us with how many thousands people are making will have to stop and they will have to be honest about what people are really making, no more opening taps (fawcets) with money gushing out fasting than you can stop it! No more cash registers with dollar bills filing everywhere…. no more brief cases stuffed with cash while some poor man trys to hold on to it – all of which to convince you there is plenty of money to be made.

All there is to do now is tell the truth and the brutal truth when it comes to making money online is for every 100 people who buy a product only 5 will do something with it and 2 will experience financial succcess. Not great odds, but you might be one of the two of course!

(Those are just my opiniated figures, no liability will be held for any harm caused as a result of giving up trying to make money online because you read that – please contact a professional interent guru for the real truth about what it takes! They have to tell you the truth now :P)

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