Chris Brogan wrote a great blog post about the soul of a new business and it made me wonder about the soul of a new blog.

All blogs are unique because they are written with a different voice. It is the only thing that makes us all different as bloggers, but is it enough? Obviously not otherwise we will all be as popular as Chris Brogan 🙂

So what else does it take to give your blog a soul? How much more do you have to do to help yourself stand out from the crowd?


1.  Understand why you do what you do

Too many bloggers are now looking at their desire to make money with their blog – absolutely nothing wrong with that – I do it too, but I don’t do it from a place of sacrificing content. My content is still important even when I am promoting a product. I want my blog to educate, entertain, inspire and keep people updated about what’s out there and what’s happening with me.  My blog has a soul because it contains a little bit of me, a little bit of information and alot of education.

2.  Take the time to vary what you say and how you say it

Repurposing content means you can say the same thing only differently. A blog post will be paragraphs of written words that can be turned into a shorter mindmap, or placed into powerpoint and made into a video, it can be recorded as an audio or used as a learning tool in a seminar. You can make life easier for yourself (especially if you are a multi blogger like me) and use the same content in different ways.

3.  Help your readers get things dones

This is the new way I want to inject soul into my blogs. Providing quality content is a must but I also want to help my readers go out there and take action.  On one of my blogs I showed readers how to “Make Your Own Information Products You Never Write” and outlined how to create an information product using articles.  More action orientated blog posts is my goal for 2010.

4. Have a little patience

What is the difference between someone you regard as a “master or authority” blogger and you? Only time. They have a few years on you. Your blog needs time to establish itself. It needs to attract people who will love it’s “soul energy” – sometimes it may attract people just looking to leave comments for their own gain but hey that’s okay it all helps 🙂

The world of blogging has turned from commenting because you want to and love to – to commenting for the purpose of traffic. Comments are now all about the link juice baby!  So the more time you give your blog and the bigger it grows the more chances people will begin to leave comments, so don’t panic too much about comments, just keep leaving quality and they will come!

5.  Allow your authentic voice to shine through

There is no point in starting a blog with a message you don’t believe in or have no connection to purely because you hope it will make you money. Very quickly you will run out of steam. List building for bloggers is a valuable activity to take part in and I even thought about running a list building blog but I quickly realised that as important as it may be I really can’t find something to say about it every day or even every week.  The  blogs I write in now all have a passion for me in this particular area so writing is never a problem – or at least if it is I can look around the net for inspiration on what to write about. This blog post is a classic example where reading Chris Brogan’s post inspired me to write this one.

When you are writing from your heart you have already given your blog a soul because your blog is a reflection of who you are and what you believe is important. That’s why I will always describe RSS blogs as life-less because for me they have no soul.

How do you inject soul into your blog? Or if you are new to blogging how do you think reading this will help you consider what the soul of your blog will be?