There are a number of myths that people looking to start a blog believe when it comes to blogging and I am going to share 7 myths about blogging  that I hear at events I speak at and the mindset shift you need to succeed – because your mindset as a blogger will pull you through them.

Blogging myth 1 : I can just start a blog on anything and people will find me

One of the biggest mistakes that people new to the internet make is to start a blog or any other kind of internet business (ecommerce store, website) and wait for people to visit, six months later they wonder why no one does!

Blogging Myth 2 : Finding Things To Write About Is Difficult

It is one of the biggest concerns with would-be-bloggers and new bloggers alike that they won’t be able to find enough content to write in a blog on a regular basis.  If you look at the first myth the major mistake is not knowing your target market. I can GUARANTEE if anyone says that finding what to write about is hard that they do not know their target market because when you do finding content becomes very, very easy.

Blogging Myth 3 : The Only Way To Make Money Is To Run A Blog About How To Make Money Blogging!

This is so untrue and a little dangerous to believe because when you focus on an area in the hope it will make you money you will become bored and you will find it difficult to know what to talk about – especially if you are not making money with your blog!

Blogging Myth 4 : Making Money From Clicks On Advertising Will Mean It Takes AGES to make money!

There are direct and indirect ways to make money from blogging and myth number four isn’t actually a myth – it is perfectly true….. if the only thing you do is add Google adsense on your blog or similar advertising it will take you years to make money! The myth comes in believing that this is the ONLY way that bloggers make money from their blog.

Blogging Myth 5 : It is not worth starting a blog if my business is a local UK one

A recent article outlined the fact that local searches are growing rapidly – 58% in one year. That means local Londoners are looking for local information about their local businesses and to find a local service.If your service is a local one then you can definitely benefit from using a blog to help get you found.

If you want to read the article on the increase in local searches CLICK HERE

Blogging Myth 6: I need to write for the search engines or my audience to be found online

A common myth associated with blogging is the fact that you need to write content for your blog that focuses on making your audience happy or the search engines.

Blogging Myth 7:  If I start a blog I can make money quickly

This myth is not just about blogging but about the internet as a whole. Many people believe that they can put something up and make a fortune, others chase every new product that comes out moving from one thing to another (I did that one!) and plenty of people start and never achieve their dream.