Here is myth number two in our 7 myths of blogging. This one should actually be very easy for life coaches and speakers because you will have plenty of experience, expertise and material to draw upon. You can re-purpose your content by breaking down long articles into shorter blog posts and creating audios with written content to name two.
Finding Things To Write About Is Difficult

It is one of the biggest concerns with would-be-bloggers and new bloggers alike that they won’t be able to find enough content to write in a blog on a regular basis.
Do you remember what I said the first myth (and major mistake was?) – not knowing your target market. I can GUARANTEE if anyone says that finding what to write about is hard that they do not know their target market because when you do finding content becomes very, very easy.
Here are 7 easy and effortless ways to create content for your blog :
What you already know about the subject – hopefully you are blogging about a hobby, passion or something you know well. If not, why have you chosen your topic?
In the news – news updates, industry updates, international updates – all of these can be used to discuss on your blog.
Other blogs – no you don’t copy what they write but you can use other blogs in your niche to inspire you to write something. Maybe the same topic but a different angle. Out of respect for other bloggers you can even link back to the original piece and say why/how it helped you to write your post.
Thought of the day – not all blog posts need to be long, think about adding a thought of the day, member of the day, quote of the day, favorite saying of the day – a short and sweet post every day!
Guest bloggers – you don’t have to do all the blogging yourself, invite two or three people to blog with you so that they are adding content too.
Lists – Great way to write and still very popular – 7 ways to do x, 10 reasons why you shouldn’t do y….. people love lists!
Private label right PLR content – this is content already written that you can use. The terms will be different but if you can get hold of unrestricted plr it means you can do anything with it. Use PLR articles to add to your blog but beware – thousands of other people will be doing that too so make sure you change the headline and more than half of the content to make it original!

Mindset Shift

If you have done the work of finding your target market then finding content for your blog will not be difficult. I have outlined 7 easy and effortless ways but there are many more ideas and they are all listed in the Blog Success membership site.