Myth 3 focuses on how to make money blogging. As a life coach or speaker the most obvious way will be to sell your own information products and create multiple streams of online income that way. Many people believe that……
The Only Way To Make Money Is To Run A Blog About How To Make Money Blogging!

There are so many people writing about how to make money blogging that it has become a little bit of a joke and it is important that when you think about what to blog about you focus on something you love or that you know about.
When you focus on an area in the hope it will make you money you will become bored and you will find it difficult to know what to talk about – especially if you are not making money with your blog!
Every single topic you can think about can be blogged about, of course you need to research who is looking but everything from politics to weight loss, from dating to just blogging about life has a way to build an income.
There are blogs on health, dating, personal growth/home business (not just blogging!), video marketing,  jewellery,  getting out of debt, search engine optimization, parenthood, security and more. I even found one on how to break dance!

Mindset Shift

There are so many topics to blog about that it is impossible not to find one that can help you to build your income. What you need is the desire to succeed and the willingness to learn how to get your blog bringing in a profit fast!

As a life coach or speaker looking to get into the world of online marketing you will probably have a good idea about what you want to focus on and will focus on your current area of expertise. When you do that you already have some credibility to go with what you are blogging about which will really help.  Even if it is your area of expertise you will still need to carry out research to ensure people are searching for what you are going to be focusing on.