Myth Number 4 :
Making Money From Clicks On Advertising Will Mean It Takes AGES to make money!

There are direct and indirect ways to make money from blogging and myth number four isn’t actually a myth – it is perfectly true….. if the only thing you do is add Google adsense on your blog or similar advertising it will take you years to make money!
The myth comes in believing that this is the ONLY way that bloggers make money from their blog. There are a number of direct and indrect ways to make money blogging and here are a few:
Direct ways to make money with your blog
Google adsense or any other per pay action type advertising – whether you get paid because someone completes a form or just clicks on a link this is a direct way to make money from your blog. To make thousands a month you will need a large amount of visitors every day.
Banner ads – small 150 x 150 banner ads that you place on your blog. Another direct way to make money from your blog.
Now let’s move on to the fun part….. indirect ways
Indirect ways to make money with your blog
Giving away free ebooks with your affiliate links included : write something or use a PLR product – include your links and give it away. You promote it on your blog and get paid when anyone buys something.
Selling affiliate products – cameras, furniture, membership sites, pet products – all there are so many products you can sell for a commission to help you earn an income.
Selling products – you can buy the rights to sell products and you keep all the income. Resale right products are a great way to build an income from your blog.
Here is an example of an ebook that I bought the resale rights to so if anyone buys it the money goes straight to me (its a great ebook too by the way)
Selling your service –  consultancy, freelance plumber, electrican – you can blog and provide valuable information that will make people want to know more about you or use your service.
Selling yourself – Speaker/motivator, dance teacher, trainer, life coach, keep fit personal trainer – whatever you do offline you can use blog to promote your work and bring in new clients.

Mindset Shift

Putting all your eggs in one basket has never been something worth doing. When you start your blog you can find a number of different ways to help you build an income. Whether you sell your own products or products on behalf of another person. The above is a small list of what is possible when it comes to making money with blogging.

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