Myth Number 5 : Even if your life coaching business or speaking practice relies on you finding local contacts and getting work locally you can still benefit from being on the internet and running your own blog. Here is the myth…..

It is not worth starting a blog if my business is a local one

A recent article outlined the fact that local searches are growing rapidly

58% in one year. That means local people are looking for local information about their local businesses and to find a local service.

If your service is a local one then you can definitely benefit from using a blog to help get you found.  I live in an area of West London in England. I put a blog up for my church who was nowhere close to the first page. Three months later they were the third local church being shown on page one of Google & Yaho. The only two websites ahead of them where sites that listed all the local churches in the area. So in fact they were they ONLY church on the first few listings with their own site.

Do not under estimate the power of the local search and giving people an opportunity to find your locally. It will make all the difference if you are running a business that relies on people finding you.

Mindset Shift

Local searches are increasing and the more you can do to get yourself found online the better. The search engines love blogs because of the regular content so if you are a plumber who regularly puts up helpful tips on how to get something done, always making sure you use the keyword “X plumber” – X being your local area then your blog will be found locally.