Myth Number 6 : There is always some confusion among blog writers about who it is they are writing their content for, whether it is to ensure they search engines love you or your audience. Here is the answer to the myth…..

I need to write for the search engines or my audience to be found online

A common myth associated with blogging is the fact that you need to write content for your blog that focuses on making your audience happy or the search engines.
Your aim is to get found in the search engines and you want to do all you can to make that happen. The search engines have criteria and decide where to list your blog depending on their criteria.  At one point using your keyword often was a great way to get to the top of the search engines because the search engines believed if it contained loads of keywords it must contain loads of great information.
People began to abuse the system and write like this
“If you want to make money blogging then you need to look at ways to make money blogging by investing in training that will help you make money blogging and then you can enjoy knowing how to make money blogging”
But that didn’t suit the audience! Who wants to read a whole article where the person keeps repeating their keyword – make money blogging – over and over again!  So the search engines (especially Google) grew wise and stopped bringing them to the top.
Now you need to include your keywords in the title and main body of your blog post as often as possible with each new post you write but you must ensure the whole blog post contains valuable information and your keyword is smoothly weaved into it!
Mindset Shift
Blogging really isn’t about pleasing one or the other but both – if you have completed your research right at the beginning (remember myth 1) you will know what your target market is looking for and when you know that it becomes easy to write for them using your key words.
If you have found something you are passionate about to blog around (which I recommend) that makes it even easier because now you have your passion and what the market wants – there is never any need to worry about whether you are doing the right thing because you always will.

The search engines want valuable content that will give people searching what they want and if you are writing about your passion to the people who want to know about it then that is exactly what you giving them – valuable content that they find using the search engines!
Always remember blogging isn’t about pleasing one or the other but focuses on both!

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