Welcome to the first in a series of 7 blogging myths that I often hear people say. As a life coach or speaker looking to build an audience a blog is a fantastic tool to help you.  Whether you think you can or you can’t you are right so let’s get down to busting these myths.

Myth Number 1 : I can just start a blog on anything and people will find me

One of the biggest mistakes that people new to the internet make is to start a blog or any other kind of internet business (ecommerce store, website) and wait for people to visit, six months later they wonder why no one does!
Starting an online business needs one very important ingredient to succeed. You must discover what people want, the problem they have and give them the solution to that problem. You need a hot, hungry market and you need to ebcome the problem solver to that market!

Finding out what people want/what their problem is starts with research. Yes, that means keyword research, researching different sites on the internet and generally discovering the words people are using to find what you are about to offer. All of this is covered in the Blog Success membership site.

Miss this part out and your blog ends up unfocused and lacking in how much it generates in income for you. If you don’t know what your blog is there to do and what people are looking for then how will you know what to write about?

Mindset Shift
Market research is really important. Even if you know what you want to blog about you still need to go out there and discover who is looking for it and what it is they are looking for!
If you are already blogging and not making money take a look at who your target market is – if you can’t tell me that as you read this then you need to go back to basics and decide!
Solve a problem, give people what they want, feed the hungry fish – these are all terms used to describe what you are looking to achieve from your blog.

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