One of the biggest concerns of experts looking to use digital marketing and blogging to get found is the need to constantly engage in content creation.

They believe they won’t be able to generate enough to make a big enough impact.
However, when you stop to think about the many things you do and the things you know you will be surprised just how easy it can be.

Below are 7 shortcuts to content creation for your WordPress business blog:

Content you have written –  Have you written guides? If not, could you? Have you written content you can share? One client who had written a book that was out of print sent us a copy. We used this book to create a very large range of material for his blog for three months. You may have written a thesis or essays in the past relating to your business expertise. Take a look at what you already have that can be rewritten.
News – what is happening in the news in your industry and is that something that will be of value to the people in your market?

Local events – You are looking to attract local people so use local events as a way to get noticed. If you own a guest house or hotel and there is a wedding fair on in your local area write about it – let people know when it will be on and who will be there. Remember, when it comes to weddings people have guests. You help them now and when someone needs to rent a room for the night which hotel will be in their mind? The one who helped them find out about the wedding fair.

YouTube and other video sites – People make videos about everything and anything. There is a chance there will be a video related to what you do that you can use to help you create content. You write an optimised title, add a paragraph or two, include the video then end with a paragraph or two. Do more than just add the video – explain why you are including it or write something about it using your keywords.

There is the Google keyword tool – type in one keyword into the search engines and it will bring up a host of suggestions, I find reading through them really helps to inspire me when I need to find something to write about.

Use your expertise – When I go to visit a client to make videos I tell them in advance to think about 10 frequently asked questions they get from potential clients. This makes really great blog content as you answer them one at a time. It also makes a great video too – use your keyword of the problem you are solving and go through the question and your answer.

Also write content that shares what you know, how you do things, why you do things –share your processes with your readers.

Use your events – If you are a charity talk about past events, upcoming events and add photographs and/or video. Let your supporters see what’s happening. This can be used for any business. If you have photos of past events put them all up there for people to see.

Quotes – people love to read quotes and motivational sayings. Twitter is full of people sharing them! Use quotes as part of your content if you are in a real hurry. I don’t recommend this on a daily basis because there isn’t enough content there to get found – but if you are really stuck one day using a quote can help you out of it. You can always go one step further and explain why you love the quote.

I hope those 7 shortcuts to content creation for your business blog are useful to help you get a head start on developing new content.

It is an ongoing job – one that never stops and as long as you want to stay ahead of the game and at the top of the search engines you need to feed the Google monster every single day, multiple times a day if you can, to keep it happy.