In the Kevin Costner film Field of Dreams he wants to build a stadium and he is told (by ghosts that only he can see) when he builds it people will come. That is exactly how I feel about the affordable WordPress website I can build for your business.

While Kevin Costner was taking a gamble (because there are no guarantees what he wants to do will work) I know my method of creating a WordPress website does work because I have been helping people for years.

Online a number of local business owners believe the same thing about their own website. They believe if they just put up a website thousands of people will flock to it. Unfortunately, that is never the case.

Building a web presence for your business, hobby or social media followers takes a commitment to be patient and a strong foundation. I make sure I provide that foundation by submitting your website to search engines and adding keywords into the “back engine” of your website so you get found. All you have to do is use your business blog to write content and build up your search engine rankings.

The harsh reality of building a web presence is that it can take time for anything to happen. However, when you use a professional it takes far less time. Your WordPress blog does not have to be lost in the wilderness of under valued, rarely visited blogs that so many business owners suffer with. Your web presence, built using my skills, will attract the right audience for you. As long as you do your part and ensure you add content.

If I build it THEY (whoever your customers are) WILL come. I will build a web presence for you that will ensure your potential customers find you and you won’t have to gamble on whether it will work. Take a look at my affordable web design service and get started.