I have been happily reading a lot from Rich Shefron’s blog lately and what he really excels in is teaching people how to strategically build their online business so that it brings in an income and grows over the years.

He mentioned that if your business included living off your next teleseminar (you know the type – run a free teleseminar, make an offer, get people signing up) then you are forever being reactive and not building a business with any long term foundation.

To build a business you need to have plans in place to ensure your income builds passively from all your activity until you get to a level where you can take on staff and let them handle the work while you continue to strategically plan what’s next.

The thing is I love being freelance and I am not sure if I want a company with employees! I want to outsource more and more so I don’t do as much myself but I really am okay with just having me be my business.  When I think about being free to travel I really just want to blog, speak, write and maybe take part in seminars/conferences – but I don’t want anything that will tie me to a business or people. That includes an office and staff.

The great thing about working online and working from home is that we have the freedom to define how we want to build our own business. If you are looking to build a business that you can sell and then retire then Rich Shefren is the guy to listen to because he really does help you define your market, your vision and your strategy. I love him, but he is a little further than I want to go so for me I will just continue to be me, undefined and making it work according to my lifestyle.

I also love the freelance way of working where I may work with someone as a one off, over several weeks or even for several months. My longest client so far as been Blog Success and in January it will be 12 months!  I love being part of their team and happy to freelance and do affiliate marketing stuff online so I am free to write, speak and train (when I choose to – or need to 🙂 )

It has definitely taken me a while to get to the point where I know exactly what I want to focus on but its good to be here! Now all I do is stayed focused on it and keep building my income. 2010 HAS to be the real I break the $10,000 a month barrier I seem to be constantly fighting with …. it just HAS TO!!!

So how about you? Give yourself some time to consider what you want for yourself and if it doesn’t fit in with what someone believes is the “best” way to do it so what – as long as it works for you right now. You can always adapt it later and define it as you go along.

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