You take the time to carry out research and write your eBook – be brave enough to get it out on the internet and promote it. I remember writing my first eBook and how long it took me to put it up. In the end I just thought “fuck it!” and I just did it. I have wanted to write for years and I get close enough to making something happen and then bottle it.

Ultimately, you need to be brave enough to put your eBook up once it is written. The goods news is if you have focused on your profession or business it will be an eBook full of great information that will help them people you have written it for so why the doubt?

One of the biggest reasons you may hesitate when it comes to selling eBooks online is because you are too critical of yourself. You may find that whatever other reason or excuse you come up with it always leads back to this one. That your inner judge is being so hard on yourself that you just can’t face getting your eBook up there. Even if you think it is because you fear rejection or not selling any eBooks that still leads back to you being too critical.

It is easy to be our own worst critic who decides that things are just not good enough or that something will go wrong rather than right but you can silence that inner critic. To do that that send your eBook to three or four friends and ask for their honest feedback. Make sure they are people you know well and who you know will be totally honest but constructive with you. Ask them to read it and maybe come up with three or four questions you can ask as a way to evaluate the book and have similar feedback from them all.

Ask them how it helped and if there is anything they didn’t understand. If they are familiar with the topic you may want to ask them if there is anything they feel you have left out. Doing this will help you plug any holes or ensure your content is in an order that makes sense.

All you have to do to sell eBooks online is be brave enough to write and ebook and promote it. As long as you are passionate about your topic and you are selling your eBook for the right reasons (and hoping to make a boat load of money doesn’t classify as a good reason!) have enough faith in your work to get it up on your blog, or on Amazon Kindle and out into the world.