I have written traffic generation tips in the past and so with this blog post I wanted to focus more on blog marketing strategies that are a little more advanced to use but worth it.  If you are looking to raise the stakes with your blog and build your reputation online I recommend doing the one or all of the following:blog carnival become a professional blogger

Run a forum or social network

My trip to speak in the Caribbean in 2010 on blogging was a direct result of a social network that I set up and ran. It wasn’t my intention at the time to use it to raise my profile – I just thought it would be great to connect with one or two people, but when one or two thousand people flocked in within a few months it was a little difficult to hide behind the scenes! That wasn’t my first social network either. I ran Women Internet Marketers for 2 years and am still in touch with many of the women I met through there and in fact some of the women who met on the network are still in touch with each other.

Running a forum/social network is a great way to build your reputation as a blogger but be warned, it is highly time consuming and you need to be four to five times more active on there than any other member if you are going to keep it “alive”

So many people have flocked to Facebook that smaller social networks and forums are struggling so you will need to come up with something pretty attractive to get people participating but if/when you can the opportunities to speak at events, sell your products, gain new clients (women internet marketers was always great for new clients) is worth the effort.

Run webinars, teleseminars and other free online events

Back in 2007-2009 I ran weekly teleseminars where I invited speakers, recorded the event and used the replay as content for my blog. Most of the speakers had something to promote so I used my affiliate link when promoting.  I never made a huge amount of money with my affiliate link but it helped me get known as someone who knew people. Fame by association! I was always surprised by the lack of sales because people paid me to be their mentor but just didn’t bite on alot of the affiliate product stuff. If you want to promote a training event or product launch running a series of free webinars/teleseminars is still a great way to get orders coming in for yourself. You may do these as a one off or run them on a regular basis.

When I launched Women Internet Marketers back in October 2007 I ran an event with 10 internet marketers – 5 from the UK and 5 from the USA and I used the replays in my paid membership area. That event helped me to attract a lot of attention from women who joined the social network.  I started running teleseminars again back in late 2009 covering online marketing for local business but not on a regular basis.

Write free reports/white papers/eguides

Write and give away free content in the form of reports/guides. Nothing shouts authority more than being able to express yourself in written reports. If you have been blogging for a while you can take a few of your best blog posts, add an introduction and summary and you are done.  I recommend you give your report a graphic image too because it can help to add that professional look.

You can ask people to register to receive them or you can simply add them to your blog to be downloaded (or a combination of both)

If you want to turn it into a report with the potential to make you money you might want to mention a relevant affiliate product and then add it to the many free ebook sites out there on the web. Really it all depends on why you are writing the report and what message you want it to convey.

Become a guest speaker at events

You may need a little confidence to take part in this one but if you know your topic well it shouldn’t be a major problem for you. Offline networking groups are always looking for professionals to speak and there are some great opportunities out there to bring “foot traffic” to your blog, Being invited to speak makes you the authority and people will want to ask you questions after the event.

You will also be able to use these speaking events as blog content by reporting back on what happened and hopefully if there are any bloggers in the crowd they may even blog about you and the great talk you gave.

Run your own internet radio show or podcast

Although many people abandoned audio for video both can be used in your quest to generate traffic to your blog. Using sites like BlogTalkRadio to run live radio shows offer an opportunity for you to get known in your industry if you can create a show that is entertaining enough for people to want to tune in every week. You can also create audio that you add to your blog and make that a regular part of your blog content strategy or of course you can set up your own “TV”show by making regular videos.

I had a regular BlogTalkRadio show and need to consider whether I restart it with my new local marketing focus or leave it be!

All of these blog marketing strategies will help you develop content for your blog and remember to repurpose them so you can use them in other ways. Take your internet radio show and get it transcribed or use your blog post and turn it into a video. Make full use of everything you have to create different types of content.  They will also lead to you generating traffic to your blog from people interested in what you have to share with them.

Being an authority blogger takes a certain kind of commitment and mindset – I realise that from reading the blogs of those I consider to be authorities. They are constantly coming up with new ways to write about old topics and they offer more than just written blog posts for people to enjoy.  Ultimately, there are no guarantees that producing all of this hard work (yes, it is time consuming) will work for you but the one thing I do know is this – if you are not willing to generously share what you know with the people who follow you then the chances of you reaching authority blogger status may never happen.

Do you use any that I haven’t included as more advanced blog marketing and traffic generation strategies?