There are thousands of blog owners out on the web struggling to make money and it’s not just the new ones either. Established blogs set up by people who have just enjoyed sharing what they know but have no real idea about how to profit from it also struggle.

If this is you then you can look through my posts on blogging for the masses, blogging for the hobbyist and blogging for the professional to see what I recommend.

I will also recommend a few things that are particular to you but if you go through the whole mindset in section one you will see what might be missing that will help you turn it around.

What does it take to make money with blogging?

Every blog must have a few things in place in order to enjoy earning an income from what you offer and these are:

Opt-in list

Man can not profit by blog alone! You must have alternative ways to build your income both directly and indirectly that will help you. A very direct way to make money blogging is to collect the names and addresses of people who are interested in what you offer. Once they sign up you continue to provide value and support but you can also send out email offers recommending products or promoting your own products. If you have a subscriber base of 5-10,000 people and 10% of those people buy a $97 product you can see how easy it can be build an income. The thing you have to do (which happens over time) is get your subscriber base up to that kind of level.


Developing an income is all about having a regular supply of relevant products you can offer to your target market that will help them or provide a solution that they were looking for.  These products do not have to be your own and you can use affiliate marketing to sell products on behalf of other people and earn an income that way. There are affiliate marketers who do nothing but sell other people’s products and make millions each year, plus there is no delivery or customer service needed which is what makes this form of marketing online so very attractive to people.

Quality content

If you are not providing free quality content that is valuable to the people reading it why would they want to return?  Content has always been king and will continue to be for a long time because people use the internet to search for information. Whether you provide that information in text, audio or video it really doesn’t matter but you have to make it good enough for people to want to pass on what you have told them. The only time quality content that helps and/or provides a solution would vary is if you are running a personal blog about your life where you simply tell people about what’s happening with you. is a great example of that. You can still earn a living from advertising but you will first need to build up a big enough audience for people who want to read about your life.

Making money with a blog is really easy because all you need is a blog, a target market who spends money and a way to reach them. Now that’s pretty simple right.  The only problem is there are millions of other people doing the same thing so your job is to make yourself different enough so that you stand out from the crowd.  That’s when training becomes essential.

Now you know what it takes to make money blogging all you have to do is decide which category and read through how you can use a blog to help you build residual income online.