What type of blogger are you?

There is not a one size fits all model when it comes to blogging so when you listen to the experts talk you really shouldn’t take everything literally but should apply for what you think will suit you and, if applicable, your business

There are at least three different categories of bloggers (probably more) that I have put into

  • Blogging for the masses (which you are on now)
  • Blogging for the hobbyist
  • Blogging for the professional
  • Blogging for the masses

Every day people who work, have no particular hobby to speak off but would like to make a go at building a business on the internet. The great thing is being online is a great place for you to be able to get started without a huge expense (you can set up your own wordpress blog for under $100) that you would incur if you were setting up a shop on the High Street or taking on a franchise.

As a blogger

I have called this the “blogging masses” because there are so many millions of people who fall into this category. I hate to call you an “average Joe” but at least when I say that you know what I mean. Those people who have no particular hobby, do not run a business but would like to use the web to build some extra income.

You might be a mother, a guy in a low paying job who is tired of not having enough money, someone in a high powered job who is always under stress and wants to do something different. Whoever you are and whatever walk of life you are from you can make money with a blog.

As you have no particular interest you want to promote through a blog you actually have a huge advantage over everyone else because one of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they come online with their idea that they are sure will be a hot seller and make them a fortune.  They then spend hours and probably a lot of money too putting together their product only to sell a handful after 12 months and wonder why.

Always remember that being on the internet is always about providing people with what they desperately want.
So as you have no particular interest or you are not sure about what to sell you can now go on the internet to find out what’s hot right now, what people are searching for, what everyone is buying loads of or what particular problem is being searched for.

Anything from diabetes ebooks to ring tones can be sold online and it is your job to search out the best things worth selling.
This is where research comes in and I have written all about the important of research in my “Research Made Sexy” blueprint available

Once you have carried out your research the next step is to get your blog up – whether you use a free platform like blogger (again read my free ebook “What Is A Blog if you are not familiar with the different platforms) or you set up your own self-hosted WordPress blog (recommended) and your business is up and the fun can begin!

Not you? Maybe you are a blogging hobbyist or a blogging professional.
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