These are the people I tend to mentor the most and are my “target market”.  Professional business owners who are looking to build their online presence, share their expertise and enjoy developing an online audience who enjoying interacting with them through their blog.

They will be looking to leverage their expertise by taking what they do offline and move it online. Whether you are a consultant, life coach, speaker, Pastor, actress, script writer, lawyer or designer there isn’t a business that is run offline that can not be moved on to the internet.

As a blogger

If you are a professional looking to move your business online then you will probably be interested in becoming an authority blogger, sharing your expertise with your target market.  Your target market may be members of the public or corporate business, even community groups and charities can make full use of the internet now as a way to raise funding and support for their cause.

If you already have an offline audience it will be a simple case of getting your blog up and including as much content as you can that you have already written.  Once you have done that you can tell them to come take a look.

You may want to offer your existing and new audience more than just your blog by adding a forum or social network to it. I love running Ning social networks because they offer a professional service which is free or at least very low cost if you upgrade.

Being online is no different to being offline when it comes to running a business and most of what you already know offline you can apply online. The biggest difference about being on the web is the potential – a worldwide audience if that is what you are looking to build up too.

Promoting your local business

The web is not just for those looking to build internationally but also locally.  This December 2008 article shows the substantial increase on local searches and in 2009 that hasn’t changed.

What does that mean for you?

Well if you are a local plumber, gardening or church you can still take advantage of the internet by promoting yourself. The only difference is that you will make sure you use keywords so you are found locally like

Highgate Plumber, plumbing services North London, Chinese restaurant Queens etc

You take your local area and include it with your business service.

You can also right about events in your local area and other things of local interest which will help to keep your blog very much focused on the community you serve.

Earning an income can be easier

For professionals and experts with a particular skill that they use in their business earning an income from their blog can be easier because they will have large amounts of information they can share.

It will be very easy for a herbalist to start a blog and then sell information products on the best herbs for a particular condition e.g. herbs for weight loss, or to provide other information like “top ten herbs to keep you healthy”

A team building consultant will be able to write information products on that very topic and sell them to their clients after a training session to help keep the team focused.

A church leader can provide recorded audio or video of their sermon to share with the congregation and can even package those audio/video and sell them to raise money for their church.

Community organisations or charities can update their audience on what is happening with their particular cause while asking for donations and selling information that their audience will be happy to buy because it helps their cause.

I could go on and on (but I won’t!) and I am sure that you get the picture here. As a professional the opportunity to become an authority blogger and be known in your profession as an obvious expert is huge.

My only word of caution will be the same message I have been giving out through this section and the first. You need to research what people want rather than assume that people will want what you are already offering.

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