Here are a few definitions I found on authority around the web :

  • The power to enforce rules or give orders; Persons in command; specifically, government; A person accepted as a source of reliable information .
  • an expert whose views are taken as definitive;
  • The legitimate or socially approved use of power. It is the legitimate power which one person or a group holds over another.
  • assurance: freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities

Powerful stuff! And with great power comes great responsibility 😀

Building your authority online is the focus of being known by your audience for the content that you produce. This content is always valuable, inspirational, and trustworthy and displays evidence that you are someone who knows what they are talking.

This reassures people looking for information on your topic and makes it easier for people to listen to what you have to say on your particular topic and take action based upon what you recommend.

You may decide just to keep putting up blogs and selling hot products – in which case this may not mean much to you right now – but if you have a particular profession or hobby and you want to be known as one of the experts in that industry then you will want to focus your blog on making this happen.

Authority can be as much about perception as it can be about reality. How people see you and their perception about what you know will help you to build your authority. If someone looking for information keeps finding you, your information in the search engines, on social sites or your profile around the web they will soon feel as if you really must be some kind of expert because everywhere they go you are there answering questions and helping people.

Here are seven great ways to build your authority.

Answering questions and helping people

This is something you need to do a lot of when building your authority. Being in forums, groups, Yahoo answers and social networks helping people and answering questions is a great way to show people that you have the answers they need. With every group you belong to it is important that you look at how easy it is for people to connect with you, either through your signature or your profile.

There are a limited number of hours and you might want to spend time deciding on which ones you focus on. It is always better to stay and build your authority in one or two of these groups than it is to be part of 20 of them but not able to help people often in any of them.

Getting traffic from forums has always been known as one of those classic traffic generating tips that people recommend so do not under estimate this. As you share what you know people will go and find you and with that find your blog and then join your list.

Giving away what you know

You only win the blogging game by creating content that your audience will love and that means writing and giving away a lot of what you know.  If you have a hobby that you love or you are a professional in a particular field this will be easier for you than if you are someone who has to learn about the topic you are blogging about but it is the only true way to stand out.
When you carry out your research one of the things you will do is look into the experts already in your niche, when you take a look at their blog you will that their content is long, explains, helps, provides insights, techniques and general serves to support people.

I am sure you have seen videos by experts as they talk you through a particular area or audios where an expert is interviewed and asked a series of questions for your listeners.

You can also write and give away free ebooks for people to read and find as many ways as you can to write content that you give away (add affiliate links to your free ebooks so you can earn an income too if anyone buys anything)
You stand out when you share. It is as simple as that. The element of know like and trust factors of attracting customers becomes easy for you because you have helped people and they are more likely to recommend you to people they know.

Teach and help don’t immediately begin to sell

This one is so important and I first read about it in a blog post by CopyBlogger that is part of his awesome blog Authority Rules. Many new bloggers are just focused on selling and nothing else but if you are looking to be known as an expert you will need to change your mindset in this area.

I am sure you will have read this a few times by now but being successful in the blogging world is all about how much information you provide that helps, teaches, or provides a solution.

If your blog just sets out to sell one item after another it really will not work unless it has been set up as a review site and people are there to review products.  Always remember being a successful blogger is all about valuable content that helps the reader.

Get people talking about you and linking to you

Google places a lot of important on one way and deep links. A one way link is me linking to you and talking about your main domain A deep link is me mentioning you on my blog and linking to one of your blog posts.

If you can get other people writing about you, promoting your content, and linking to the blogs you write (called linkbait posts) then you will go a long way towards building your reputation and authority.

Be aware of what’s happening in your niche and bring it to the attention of your blog readers

Another great way to build your authority is to keep an eye on what is changing within your niche, news, updates and other things that your readers will want to know. By being one of the first people to deliver that information to them you shine in their eyes as someone who has their finger on the pulse.

Once you have gone through the Mindset Of A Blogger eCourse the rest is all about just getting on and doing the work.
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