There is nothing nicer than someone taking the time to leave a comment or question on your business blog (do feel free to leave one here 🙂 ).
Blog comments let you know that someone out there is actively reading your blog post, however, how important is it for a business blog?
Well, that depends on what you are using your business blog for :

Lead generation and new clients
No. You don’t need to concern yourself about blog comments, just how many leads come through each month and how you can continually improve upon that. If you are looking to build your newsletter subscriber list then how often people sign up for that or how often people complete your enquiry form, plus how often people ring your business number. These are the things that matter most.

Staying in touch with past and present clients
Useful but not essential. You want to know they are reading your blog posts and because they are or have been clients that they want to stay in touch. It still isn’t essential, you can continue delivering great blog content knowing that by staying in touch with them they are likely to get in touch with you when they need your service or product again.

Gathering opinion
Yes. Writing blog comments is a great way for you to gather the opinion of your audience. You can also use other tools like a poll or a survey on your blog but it also helps if people stop and ‘speak’ their mind by writing out their thoughts as a blog comment.
If you are using your business blog to gather opinion then you need to ensure you add blog content that will start a discussion, debate or get people asking questions.

Sharing what you know/audience development
If you are a professional speaker or life coach who is sharing their expertise and looking to get work (e.g. speaking engagements) then it really does help to have a blog that is active with comments and interaction because a potential client will be able to see just how popular you are with your audience. You must remember to reply to comments when they are left – not all comments but choose ones that you reply back to. Of course if someone leaves a question for you it is essential you are seen to reply to that question by your other readers.

Over the years that you create content for your business blog you may end up using it for all of the above and there may be a time when blog comments are more important than other times. Yes, there are ways you can write so that you encourage comments like ending your blog post with a call to action to post a comment or asking a question of your reader, however this isn’t always necessary if you are looking to find new clients.

When people are searching for a service or product it is usually because they have a problem and they get in touch with you because they see you as the potential solution. All they are really interested in is whether you can help them and how you can help them – it is all about them, not you. As a blogger your aim is to write informative and useful blog posts so that as they read them (or watch your video/listen to your audio) they can see exactly how your business can help them. If they leave a comment that is a nice bonus but is not necessary.

Does your blog receive comments? Do you do anything in particular to encouarge that? Would love to hear if you care to share 🙂