If you are looking to attract new business leads using the internet then one of the best ways to do that is to use a business blog because they are a great tool for local businesses with a small marketing budget.
There are no huge financial commitments when it comes to putting up a business blog unless you decide to have one specifically built for your business. Most small local businesses will benefit from a regular blog that provides loads of great content for its readers.
Finding what to write about so you are able to keep your blog up to date will not be a big deal for you because you run a business. The major thing about owning your own business blog is the need to promote it online so people can find you. There are simple and low cost ways you can do that too:
1. Tell all your existing and past clients about your blog and ask them to tell their family and friends. Nothing beats word of mouth for helping you to spread the word.
2. If your local business includes premises promote your blog domain by giving away postcards to people who walk into your shop and/or by having posters around your shop so people know you are online.
3.  Use a service that will help you promote your business blog. Because SEO and blog promotion is such a headache for a small local business here at Little Fish Media Company we do that for you.
4. See if you can get a write up in your local paper. The local papers are always looking for news and you will have to come up with a new angle to gain their interest – maybe hold a competition or have an opening offer for everyone who registers like a free eBook to download or something.
5. Use social media to help you gain attention to your blog. Look at getting people on to your business blog so that the search engines can see that there is activity happening on it. Your business blog will gain in the search results the more you can get people sharing what you do around the web.
There are so many ways you can use your business blog from generating new business enquiries to building yourself an online profile and it really is one of the best tools to have for your local business.