When you setup a WordPress blog you need to focus on content creation to ensure you keep it alive with fresh content. Using audio is a great way to do that.
I like to create a variety of different content not only for myself but also for my clients and years ago (around 2007-09) I was a big audio fan.
I am getting back into now and there are a few places your business blog can create audio content after creating it.
AudioBoo is a UK site that lets you create a profile and upload audio or record audio straight into their software. Each audio can last up to 5 minutes (its amazing how much you can say in 5 minutes!) and you can connect with other audioboo uses.
There are a number of different audios available and you can follow people and be followed.
Podcast FM
PodcastFM.co.uk  is another UK site that is a traditional podcasting site. You can have up to 10mb of space for free and then you need to upgrade if you use more. When you really get into audio its quite easy to get hooked on making and uploading them.
Audio is a great content creation alternative for anyone who isn’t ready to put their face in front of a video camera but would love to connect to people on a personal level.
You are given an RSS feed which people can click on and subscribe to your audios in a reader like itunes.
That means every time you create a new audio it is automatically feed into their itunes space to listen to – keeping you in the ears and minds of potential clients.
You can of course use audio and add it to your blog. I tend to use the podpress plugin for that and there are several others available.
This is yet another way for you to focus on content creation.
If you make videos it is worth looking at whether you can extract the audio from them. I know Camtasia allows me to do that so I will often save the file as a video and audio then use the audio if it makes sense to do so.