List building is an important activity for bloggers looking to make money from their blogs. To develop a profitable opt-in subscriber list you must spend time building trust with the people who register to receive information from you.

When your subscribers trust you they become willing customers and as long as you continue to provide value people are more than happy to receive your email in their inbox. Here are 5 great ways to build instant trust with your potential subscribers

1.    Show that you are legitimate. Simple things you can do include having an ‘about us’ page with details of who you are and a photo. You can also make sure that your contact details are included on your blog and a contact us form so that people can send emails to you. These types of systems show people that you are trustworthy and you’re not going to be scamming them out of their hard earned money.  You can also include guarantees, a forum, help desk etc. Provide as much as you can so people can see that you are a real person looking to help.

2.    Show your customers you are credible and professional. Provide your customers with good, solid knowledge.  You want to show people that you know what you’re talking about.  If you have credentials in a field, ensure that they are prominently displayed.  You can also provide them with helpful hints, articles and other resources to provide a solution.  Remember, people are often on the Internet simply looking for useful information so do what you can to provide it to them.

3.    Reply to blog comments. If a reader asks a question or takes the time to leave a comment that you can reply to then take time out to do that. The more your readers see you interacting with them the more likely they will be to come back to read your blog.

4.    Don’t just focusing on selling. As your subscriber opt-in list grows continue to provide people with value through your newsletter and avoid just simply sending one promotional email after another. Add a sponsored ad at the beginning and end of your newsletter and great content in the middle.

5.    Always provide an out. People don’t like to sign up for something they think they are going to be stuck with.  Always provide subscribers to your newsletter with information on how they can get off the list if they decide that they want to.  Show your customers that you are not trying to trap them.

These five list building tips can be easily followed and you might want to take a look at your blog and see how you can implement them if they are not currently available. Your potential clients need to know that you are real and that there is a real person behind the blog. Remember anyone can set up a blog and pretend to be someone or something they are not so it is essential you are completely transparent to your readers.

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