I have decided to bring back my Digitally Connected WordPress websites business. This time with a clearer plan on what I am doing and with the money to help me promote my business.

I stopped in 2015, did mainly freelance/contract work during 2016 and then became an employee in 2017. To be honest I had hit a bit of a wall. Having been self-employed since 1996 I decided I needed some time off from having to find, complete and chase payment for work.

The recession wiped out just about everything I had and despite doing my best to rebuild I was burnt out and in need of a mental break from it all. I have had my eye on being able to travel for a while and intend to still pursue that while I continue to put up websites.

Being an employee doesn’t really suit my personality and one day, after putting up a very quick WordPress website, I decided it was time to re-start my business. Now I have some income behind me and the ability to advertise things will be easier.

I am also keeping things really simple. I put up an affordable WordPress website. It looks exactly like this website. I change the colour, add a logo (if one is available) plus images and change the wording.

Along with that I offer hosting to people who have had their website built by me.

I am hoping I can keep things that simple!

If you are looking to get an affordable WordPress website put up please contact me and let me know how i can help.