Since the recession started in the UK the one thing I tried hard not to do is to use it as an excuse for not making a big enough monthly income for myself. It definitely is easy to think that the economy is bad so therefore I will not sell – it was a nice cop out! The “problem” was that people who knew me wouldn’t allow me to cop out that way.

So I had to look at what else is resulting in me not breaking into the 5-figure monthly bracket and it came out to be positioning. During difficult times people still spend money – I know that to be true. I also know it is true that people became rich in past economic downturns so it wasn’t about the economy.  What I had to do was position myself – or reposition myself to be in a place that if people didn’t have much money to spend and they looked hard at where they were going to spend it, they would see me as a viable option.

In the video below Stephen Pierce makes some really powerful statements that I encourage you to listen to over and over again. The first one was realising from small acorns oak trees grow. People ask me whether I am “cutting my nose off to spite my face” by focusing my efforts on the UK because the USA is such a bigger market. But for me a big piece of a small pie is so much better than a few crumbs from a very large pie!

I can position myself as one of the UK’s leading female internet marketers because there are not that many of us! I can position myself as a UK internet marketing mentor because I am a qualified mentor/coach – so it was up to me to decide on my position in the UK and what I choose to do is position myself to support entrepreneurs, solo-business owners and small business owners looking to get their offline talents online.

Why did I choose that positioning for the UK? Because it is exactly what I have spent the last 4 years doing! Only my clients get to do it without the huge learning curve and $2,5,00-$8,000 training tag I paid to different marketers 🙂

“This game is about marketing. If you are not marketing you are not making money  – that’s it” Stephen Pierce

Take a look at what you are doing on the internet right now. Do you need to re-position yourself? My great online friend Debbie Ducic talks about “gutzy women” and how we are never afraid to look at where we are and adapt if it isn’t working. This is something I have done constantly – to the point of driving myself crazy! But the end result is that I am still making money online and I am still growing  – even when large banks and businesses like Woolworths crash around me I am keeping myself a float and am thriving.

A lot of it has to do with my positioning and a large part of it has to do with who I am and how I support people.

What position are you in right now? Do you need to think about how to change your position or realign yourself to make it easier for your target market to find you? Are you about to get started online and you need to think about how to position yourself? Leave a comment and let me know.