Years ago I learned the joys of reflection and would call myself a reflective practitioner (it sounded good but meant nothing really – a little ego trip!)

Questions and reflection are great tools to keep yourself on track with a goal. I sent out a few questions today to someone that I often ask myself at the end of a week, month, quarter. They are naturally within me so I don’t have to think about them but in order for that to happen at first I had to focus on writing them down and keeping them in front of me, then I would carry them round with me along with a notepad (because answers don’t always come to you immediately – always when you are sat on the bus!)

Let’s say you wanted to earn $2,000 a month on a consistent and ongoing basis by the end of your first 12 months

Remember depending on your skills and abilities you can aim for so much more than this but in examples I like to be conservative rather than exaggerate, but feel free to say 22,000 a month by the end of your first 12 months if that works for you! 🙂

You need to track where you are with that goal every week, if not every day, until you acheive it. If you know you have work coming in next week that you will receive the money for next month you need to make a note of all of that. You focus on making sure at every moment you know exactly how you are doing with your goal because if you take your eyes off it, even for a second, you run the risk of changing your focus onto something else and never achieving it.

Always make sure you celebrate the small steps. I have read a lot about Kaizen over the years and although I haven’t taken up any formal training in it I love the philosophy of celebrating each small step.

On your goal towards making $2,000 you need to focus on making that first $5 and celebrate when you do! Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves….. that expression is full of wisdom!

If all you ever do is focus on the $2,000 you overwhelm yourself into thinking its just not possible. You wait for the whole $2,000 to turn up and miss out on opportunities to earn $10, $90, $1048 in other places. Don’t close yourself to opportunities by dictating how the money should come to you – just be open to having it come to you (you may not even need to earn it!!!)

Have something up on your wall, a whiteboard or just a piece of paper you type up and print off. Keep track of every cent you make and add it to your total – I don’t care if it is only $0.02 that you made in your adsense account!!!what-questions

The small steps matter, they make it easier for you to focus on the solution of how you will achieve it. Remember that!

Weekly reflection questions :

Here are the questions to ask yourself …. but before that remember this. The easiest way to remember something is to write it in your own words – I learnt that from my A star student daughter who studies that way! So use this questions but aim to write your own.  Create your own that you will ask yourself to keep in touch with what you are looking to achieve. Become your own life coach 🙂

  1. How happy are you with what you achieved this week?
  2. Is there anything you wanted to get done that wasn’t?
  3. What will be the impact/consequence of that as you move forward?
  4. Who did you get help from and/or who can you ask for help in achieving your goal?
  5. How much of the work you achieved focused on income generating?
  6. How much of the work you achieved focused on list building/lead generation?
  7. What’s your greatest achievement for this week out of everything you got done?
  8. List 3 things you are grateful/thankful for (do this EVERY week and make sure it is always something different)
  9. If you think about content development, marketing and traffic/lead generation how much time would you say you spent on each of these three over the week?
  10. How much actual income did you bring in this week and how much closer does that bring you to your goal of  X in X days(weeks/months)?

Make a commitment to answer every 10 of those questions every week and remember to add to them, change them, take out some that do not apply to you (except number 8 – that says always!!!)

At first it will seem like a lot of extra work but the more you do it the quicker you get at it and the easier it becomes. Before long the questions will become automatic and everything you need will focus on making sure you are answering them anyway!