Many of the people who work in my area of local search marketing and online marketing will try to convince you that offline marketing is “dead” and while the way people search has definitely changed you shouldn’t stop your offline advertising if it is still working for you.
Two offline marketing methods that some of my clients still use include:
Local paper advertising – while less people are reading local papers they are still a helpful resource for people without internet access and/or who prefer to look to the local paper than log on to their computer and check online. I recently moved out of London and into Bedfordshire. The local paper was a really helpful resource in finding places and businesses that are not on the internet yet – or who have a very basic website.
Leaflets – Believe it or not leaflets are still a great way to get new customers as long as you make a compelling enough offer for them to get in touch. Fulham personal trainer Lauretta Johnnie uses leaflets to offer an opportunity to experience a personal trainer free for 7 days. Make the offer compelling enough and people will respond.
Digital marketing has definitely changed the way business is done.
Local search marketing – the ability to find local people searching for a service or product within a local area – is growing as more people use their computer, mobile phones, ipad to find a suitable business.
However, if you are monitoring the results of your advertising and you find that people are still getting in touch with you via the local paper or after using leaflets don’t abandon it completely. Instead use both and bring in business both offline and online.