The month of October is Spiritual Marketing Awareness month. Ever thought about Spiritual Marketing? Maybe you might have no idea about what it is – well my friend (and yes she really is a friend…!) Shelagh Jones is looking to raise awareness of how marketing on a more spiritual level can help you to connect with and attract your ideal life long customer!

So what is Spiritual Marketing? Here is a quote from Shelagh

Soul-based Marketing, Attraction Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Marketing from the Inside Out and Marketing from Spirit – these are different names for what I call Spiritual Marketing.

On her main site Spiritus – The Spiritual Marketing Directory – Shelagh brings together business owners from around the world who engage in relationship marketing and who are looking at not just how to make money but how to make a difference in the lives of the people who buy their products.

During October a number of experts have come together to write about their understanding of spiritual marketing. My focus on this month is all about Clarity and I have written an article that explains how clarity conveys congruence if your business is clear with its message and delivers on what it promises.

You can find out more about the Spiritual Marketing Money

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