So you have decided to start a WordPress blog for your business and you are hoping to appeal to people searching the internet for the service you provide. Well here are five ways to get your business blog off to a great start.

1. Don’t focus on you
People who are searching for a service are interested in how you can help not how many degrees you have! New business bloggers sometimes make the mistake of writing blog posts about their business and about what they do. Instead focus on how you help and how you have helped past clients.

2. Be ready to give before you receive
The great thing about writing a blog is the opportunity it gives a potential prospect in getting to know you before they pick up the phone and call. Make sure you do all you can to provide content on your WordPress blog that shares your expertise and keep at it until it starts working.

3. It is all about content creation
Being successful online is all about creating content that people can use so create plenty of it. Your business blog will be the place that most of your content is added to ensure people find you. Write articles, make videos, create audio, put together free guides. Creating content that people can read and share around the web will help you establish your presence as an expert.

4. Make your content accessible
When you create content you want to make sure that people are able to share it around the web so have social buttons on your blog. Make sure they can click and share it on Facebook, through Twitter or using Google.

5. Optimise everything
Great content that no one can find isn’t much use to your business. To make the most of your WordPress blog learn about using keyword phrases. Use them as often as you can when writing a blog post as long as it reads well.
You don’t want to create something that sounds grammatically incorrect just to get your keyword in there. As long as you can use keywords 70% of the time it really doesn’t matter if your other blog posts are not as focused.

Those are five ways to get your WordPress blog off to a great start and I write them using the assumption that you already know the basics of a successful blog, which is making sure you know who you are writing for so you attract the right kind of visitor.