You will plunge your life into a living debt filled hell if you fail to focus, find yourself becoming overwhelmed too often and do not commit 100% to running your business.

There will be times when you find yourself feeling unfocused and not getting much done and there will definitely be moments of overwhelm but this is when those four plans that you spent time putting together will help. They will seem like a real blessing to you because you will be able to go back and look at them to get an idea of what you need to be working on.

Throughout your business you want to ensure you spend most of your time focused and committed while experiencing moments of overwhelm. This is healthy. Being continuously unfocused, not committing to getting things done and/or procrastinating and
spending most of your time in overwhelm will only lead you to give up.

F    Focus
O    Overcoming Overwhelm
C    Commitment

What will keep you focused and committed is your vision. What will help you overcome and in some instances avoid overwhelm are your plans (see there is method in my madness ) and I really can’t stress how important they are in your business.


A lack of focus is probably the major income earning killer, lack of focus includes :

  • Not focusing on one thing long enough to succeed
  • Spending hours on emails, social networks and other activities that suck your time
  • Having no target to work towards each week/month
  • Not planning out how you will spend your day/week/month

Without a clear focus it is very easy to sit at your desk and spend hours doing activities that do not generate an income but instead waste your time.

As a blogger your time must be spent between writing content, taking part in traffic generation techniques, promoting/marketing a product and planning how you will generate this week’s income.

The trouble is most people don’t think about the income they want to come in or the income they are due to be paid but instead just spend each day doing mundane things and wondering why they are not earning.

People often ask me “okay, my blog is up… what now?” the thing is the fun is only just beginning! Setting your blog up is new and exciting but at some point you have to promote it too, at some point in order to start making an income from your blog you will need to market it.

If you, like me, enjoy having your fingers in many pies you may find that eventually you have set up 10, 20 or even more than 30 blogs.  Every few months you may spend a week or two researching, creating, finding a theme for and getting ready this blog on your chosen niche. You may even get round to adding a few posts to it.

Eventually though you need to begin focusing on getting visitors to your blog. Your focus needs to change from blog creation and setup to blog traffic generation and marketing.  Nothing can happen in terms of earning an income from your blog if you do not have an audience.  I love blog themes, I am obsessed with photos, I love the way something looks and I actually enjoy putting a new blog together – but doing this for my own blog does not earn me any money.

Once your blog is up, the sign up box has been added, your ecourse or ebook is in your auto responder and you have set up the categories you want – what else is there to do? Absolutely nothing when it comes to blog setup!  That is what is so great about running a blog as a business.  Once you have completed all those tasks there are only two things you focus on, on a consistent basis. The first is writing blog posts and the second is marketing your blog so that people can find you.

Your blog is up. It is ready. It doesn’t need any more tweaking! It doesn’t matter about the plugins. It doesn’t even matter what color your header is. And no you can’t start that new blog on that new industry you just heard about that is guaranteed to make you millions!

You need to focus on the blog(s) you already have in front of you and begin to market them and watch the change. Enjoy the comments you receive daily, watch your clickbank payments as you sell a few products every day. Get a thrill from the number of new people joining your lists.

Setup is exciting because it is new and you are getting ready but marketing and building traffic can be just as exciting too.  If you are a starter who enjoys starting new things but not growing them this will be especially important for you!


As the owner of a blog business you will be juggling a number of different tasks at once and I would like to introduce you to a friend that you will meet along your journey, in fact if you never bump into this friend chances are you are not doing enough to build your online business.

This “friend” is called overwhelm and you will most likely meet him within a few months of looking at domains, niches, hosting, autoresponders, programmers, websites, blogs, membership sites and the long list of possibilities that is thrown at you when you first start out.

I don’t know how many times I hear the same complaint “I’m feeling overwhelmed….” And my reply is always the same “that’s fantastic!” – why? Because it means you are learning, it means you are growing and it means you will be moving further forward so that when you look back in six months you will see just how far you have come.

Too many people see overwhelm as a bad thing and it really is just a matter of perspective. Too much of anything isn’t good for you so continuous overwhelm over long periods will probably cause you to give up in frustration and/or lead to stress.  However overwhelm every now and again as you start one phase of your blog business and move into another one really is okay.  If you expect to experience no overwhelm at all then you truly are not a business person because every business person will tell you it comes with the territory.

Of course what helps is having someone that you can contact to help you through those feelings of overwhelm and if not a coach, mentor a group of trusted friends then a forum that you can go to and share your frustrations is the next best thing.

Dealing with overwhelm is more difficult if you are alone and trying to do everything so find yourself a small intimate social network or become part of a forum known for helping people new to blogging and ask questions, as many as you need to get the help you need and always remember when you know more to pay it forward by going back to help other new people.  Of course if you invest in your learning any decent product will also have a forum where you can seek additional help.

Some of the things you can do to help you work through overwhelm

  • Have you written down everything you need to get done? Sometimes overwhelm is a result of having too many things to do at once so write them down an tackle one at a time.
  • Do you know what you are doing when? Create a schedule. Rather than do one thing, then another, then another, then back to the first, then a bit more of the third….! Stop and plan your week and know what you want to achieve then plan your day to ensure you get everything done.
  • Are you doing too many things at once? A common mistake when you start your blog is to try and master everything at once so that you can get your business up quickly. Take the time to complete one thing well before moving on rather than doing 10 things at once and not achieving any of them particularly well.
  • Outsourcing is a popular way to avoid overwhelm. Just get someone who knows what they are doing to do it or use a virtual assistant if you have the money.
  • Talk to someone. Always a great remedy because another person might be able to see what’s missing or they might help steer you back on the right road. Sometimes when you are trying to get an image to show up on your blog and you just can’t seem to get it to work, another person will be able to look at it and see exactly where you are going wrong.

Overwhelm comes with the territory and is a natural feeling when you are learning a large number of unknown things at once, instead of complaining about it celebrate your new friends arrival because it means you are moving forward on your journey towards building your blog business and your dream.

“For creativity to occur, chaos is necessary but a structured and focused chaos”   Kuratko and Hodgetts 2001

Like learning to tie your shoes laces all over again, learning how to speak, or adapting to a new school running a blog and all the work that goes with promoting that blog can take time and you need to learn to walk before you can run.

I also want to encourage you to take a break. Walk away and give yourself 5 minutes if you are feeling frustrated. When you do that you give yourself time to refresh and you get back to your PC (or mac!) with fresh eyes. When I do this 98% of the time I manage to resolve whatever the issue is.

I wish there was something I could tell you to do that would get you through it but overwhelm is a feeling and it will be something to do with what you are telling yourself and your perspective on what is happening in that moment.

If you are saying “there is too much information here” or “I can’t manage to do all this stuff” then you will bring on the feelings of being overwhelmed.

Instead appreciate that you will have to go through a learning curve because you are learning a new way of doing things and  enjoy the ride. It really is natural at the beginning to feel this way and overwhelm is one of the biggest reasons that people new to blogging don’t make it.  If you have the desire to really succeed at blogging overwhelm is something you need to work through.

Six months down the line when you stick with it things that were once difficult become easy. You will get through it (all of us did) and before you know it you will be carrying out tasks in minutes instead of hours and writing content in hours instead of weeks.


Is it true you don’t have enough time or is the truth that you don’t have enough commitment? “You can have what you want or you can have your excuses for not getting what you want” is what the seminar leader told me “If I told you I had a million pounds waiting for you as soon as you got this done… would you find time to do it?”
Of course the answer is a very resounding YES! If I knew there was a guaranteed reward at the end of it I would get whatever IT is done, and quickly!

We all have 24 hours in a day and yet presidents run a country in that time, billionaires and multi millionaires like Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Donald Trump all run their multi-making businesses. So if they can do that with 24 hours why can’t we set up one blog and develop it into a big business earner for our own life?

“The greatest revolution in our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitude of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives”. Author and Philosopher, William James.

As a blogger your mindset and attitude here is so crucial to whether you succeed and to what degree. If you believe you do not have enough time your actions will support what you are saying and you will run around forever trying to “catch up” with whatever you need to do.

You are also stopping yourself from really embracing the truth. What is the truth that your “lack of time” conversation is hiding? Only you can answer that. Of course as you read this you may feel totally annoyed by it, how could I suggest you are trying to find an excuse! In fact I bet you could list a number of reasons/excuses right now and to be honest no matter what they are they will still be a reason you are allowing to stop you.

Do you know who Nick Vujicic is? I encourage you to look him up and see if he found any excuses.  He has strong spiritual beliefs and I am not referring to that. I am talking about the reasons and excuses (all of them valid) he COULD have used to not achieve anything in life. He chooses not too.

I am a single mother of three children so I have loads of excuses I could use, but I have a desire that is far bigger than any excuse I could put in the way. When in 2006 everyone kept saying “the only way to succeed online is to get off your chair and out to events” I thought I didn’t stand a chance because I had no one to look after my kids and I couldn’t go jetting off to America to attend every joint venture or internet marketing event that took place.

What I did instead was create a little world online where we could support each other and get access to training and JV opportunities – I have moved on from that now but it helped to get me established along with my peers, maybe not to the same degree that they are right now but I know I will catch up!

You may have a sick relative to look after or young babies, maybe you are unwell yourself. I understand that we all have our challenges in life that we have to work with but they still don’t have to stop you. Even if you could only find 1 hour month to work on your business you are still finding time. It won’t make you a millionaire in 3 years, it may take you 10 or even 15 years instead but at least you are working towards it and not letting life stop you.

And as you work towards what it is you truly desire opportunities will open up for you that will help you to continue working towards it. But if you throw in towel and say “I don’t have enough time” then you have just sealed your own fate and your dream dies before really getting off the ground.

All you have to do is remember there is $1 million waiting for you, when you receive it is really up to you and how determined you are. Your $1 million is in your bank account IF that is what you want for yourself because we are not all motivated by money. What will motivate you? Is it being able to build that school in an underdeveloped country? Being able to take family and friends on a four week far away vacation?

Whatever it is you want to achieve based on your blog as your business I encourage you to not let ANY excuse get in the way, especially the weakest one of all called “I don’t have enough time”

It is all about priorities and commitment

Years ago I worked with a man who was always complaining he didn’t have enough time to do what he wanted to get done. Then for six whole months he started an office affair. This man who never had enough time found time to meet up with another person and spend time together. Where did that extra time come from? Did he suddenly gain more hours in  a day? No. His commitment changed. He made a commitment to do something and let go of other things so he could have that extra time.

Now an extra marital affair may not be the most positive example I could use but it is a real life one I know of and it serves to get the point across.

When you are committed to something YOU FIND TIME!

No excuses, no reasons, you find the time based on what you are already doing in life. Maybe  you decide to watch an hour less TV at night or wake up an hour early in the morning (that’s 2 extra hours already).

What can you adjust in your life to make time for your business? It is a simple enough question but it may take some time for you to answer it completely.

You have what you want waiting for you. Are you going to do the work to get it?

If you are starting or currently writing in a blog what is your purpose in doing that? This journey never goes in a straight line, in fact the bigger your desire the more chance your journey will go up and down, round the corner and up, round the other corner and down, along the bumps, more bumps, a few more bumps until you finally find yourself at the other end and then you start something new and start again.

Blocking yourself from finding time

When you use an excuse like “I don’t have…” you stop yourself from ever experiencing more of what you can have. You will never be open to experiencing more of it because you have decided you already don’t have it.

Can you be open to saying “I could find a way to make more time” right now as you say it you don’t have to know how you will find that time – just be open to it – because when you are you will suddenly remember something that is coming to an end that will free up time, or a couple of hours that you spend doing something that could wait that will free up time. Be open to finding more time and you will naturally begin to discover where that time will come from.

Or just make the commitment to stop some other stuff that no longer serves you and do business stuff instead!

We all have the same amount of time in any given day, how we use that time is what we need to focus our attention on, what we commit to that uses our time is another thing. Stop spending four hours on Twitter and spend only one… you suddenly free up three hours of your time. It is a simple thing to do and if your commitment to succeed as a blogger is strong you will do all you can to make it happen.

Six Ways You Kill Your Time

If you ultimate goal is to become an authority in your niche and influence people with your words using your blog then you have some work to do to build your reputation.  Many people want to blog and become professional bloggers but when they realize the amount of work it takes many of them bow out saying they “don’t have enough time”

Sometimes it can be a simple case of just needing to prioritise how we use our time or what fills our time. Here are six life experiences that may get in the way of you finding time and/or ways that ineffective use of time can stop you from perusing your dream of running a professional money making blog.
1.    Procrastination

Joining a membership site and then thinking about getting round to the training! Avoiding that book you keep saying you are going to write 🙂 Not doing what you need to do to earn the money you say you want to earn!

2.    Lack of delegation

Not only in your business but in your life, maybe you have to ask your partner to look after the kids for an hour, or get your teen to cook the evening meal once a week. Perhaps you need to arrange for someone else to walk the dog so you can have some time. Can you delegate tasks that you need to get done to make time for your blog business

3.    Lack of organisation

There is nothing worse than onlyhaving an hour to spend on your blog and spending 20 minutes looking for something you had written down as your next blog post or a website you need for research that you didn’t bookmark and need to find again.  Get organised

4.    Lack of planning and/or focus

If you don’t know what you need to focus on at all times it is really easy to get on your computer and spend 4 hours then wonder what you accomplished. When you have a plan, even a short list of what needs to be done it is easier to stay focused,
When you don’t plan you will find yourself spending too much time on wasteful activities like email checking, or reading messages on Twitter for hours.

5.    Not saying no

How many people need you to do things for them? How many times are you doing things because you feel you have to? Sometimes all we have to do is just say no!
6.    Interruptions

When you work from home it is easy for your friends to ring and want you to stop and chat or for someone to call unexpectedly for a cup of coffee. Having a social life is important but you also want to  make sure your family and friends understand how important your blog business is to you so that when you allocate time they leave you alone for that time. Do your best to get 60 minutes alone to work on your business without interruptions as often as you can

Now you are more focused and less overwhelmed you need to think about positioning and your position in your niche <==

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