Diane Corriette

Diane Corriette. Online Marketer

The journey towards successfully making money with a blog – as an authority blogger – can be a long and frustrating one sometimes and perhaps if we could all see the end result (a full time income thanks to blogging) the journey towards blog success wouldn’t be so painful. Unfortunately, the gift of hindsight isn’t something we have been blessed with so as a blogger your role is to keep on writing blog posts, driving traffic, creating videos, focusing on social media and all the other things we need to engage in to succeed.

What can help is looking at the success of other bloggers and/or other online businesses and today as I logged in to my Paypal account to send out the traditional Friday invoices I thought about what it was like back in 2005. When I first came online Paypal was used for two things

  • Receiving payments on eBay  (eBay bought Paypal in 2002)
  • Adding to marketers websites to accept payment

Using Paypal outside of eBay was introduced in late 2003- Mid 2004. When I came online in 2005 marketers were writing about it in newsletters and recommending its use on websites.  It continues to grow with larger and larger businesses using them and now in 2011 most ecommerce websites I buy something from accepts Paypal, everything from clothes stores to pizza delivery.

That means it took from the point of it being relatively unknown in the online marketing world (2003) until now in 2011 to have grown to a point where larger businesses will use them. They spent those 8 years marketing their services and building their audience.

I know its a shock to think that when you start a blog you may have to wait 8 years (or more) to enjoy any kind of long term success as an authority blogger. You will make money with your blog on the way up of course but to get to a point where you are known by a large audience it is going to take :

  • Patience and commitment.
  • A belief in your blog and your niche.
  • A passion for your subject so you keep writing
  • An ability to keep up with the ever changing online marketing world
  • The mindset to keep learning how to use new tools like video marketing or webinars

Thorough keyword research aside. You are going to need more than a good niche market to make this work and its going to take time. Its not something many people want to hear as they take their first tentative steps into the world of blogging but its the truth.  The only way to help yourself is to shorten your learning curve by learning from professional bloggers who make money.

Of course there are always exceptions to the rules. There are people who set up a brand new blog on a brand new domain and within six months they are enjoying a regular income of $3,000 a month (well at least I hear there are – I have never met one) but for many the world of blogging is not as fancy as one might want to believe.

Developing A Successful Blog Is A Journey

When I think about my own journey I guess I am fortunate to be making money at all – I jumped around a lot and for the first 2 years, I didn’t build a list and  all I ever did was pay out for product after product without much success. In 2007 when I started women internet marketers I thought I had found my business for life but by 2009 I realised all the lies that were told meant that “selling the dream” was the foundation to internet marketing and that wasn’t what I wanted to be doing.

In 2007 I began mentoring professionals because I recognised that when you use a blog to promote a membership site and add videos/audio into the mix you have a strong mixture of tools that will help them promote what they do and build passive income.

Most of my blogging during this time was purely because I loved to write and never focused on money but I recognised a blog as a really good tool for lead generation and getting people to pay for information products/membership sites (what I call indirect ways of making money with a blog).  I focused on different ways to make money with a blog directly (advertising, affiliate marketing, Cost per action – CPA etc) back in late 2008!

Finding local search marketing in early 2009 meant a change in focus and now I help business owners who don’t have unrealistic expectations of what’s possible. I love where I am now and I am willing to wait another three years to reach my “tipping point” as being seen as an authority in local search marketing. I use blogs and videos as the main tools to succeed in this area and I still believe in passive income from running a membership site and creating information products.

For the patient person there is hope! Research your favorite blogger – what’s their name? Find out when they started. Many of them will talk about how long it took to get started online. You will find for many the tipping point happened at 4 years and over – that is from brand new to making a decent monthly living ($2-3,000 a month consistently)

If you are ready for the journey then go for it because the benefits far outweigh the work that goes into making a successful blog happen. Remember the joy is in the journey not the destination, once you get to where you are going you will start focusing in on “what’s next” so enjoy this part of building your blog because once you know what you are doing and everyone is excited about knowing you, you will miss those days of learning how things fit together.

How long have you been a blogger? How have things changed for you?