We are all creatures of habits. We have great habits like brushing our teeth twice a day and not so great habits like never bothering to brush our teeth at all (yuck!) and if you look at where your life is right now you can pretty much see where your good and not so great habits are.

For example if you have the habit of exercising 5 times a week chances are you are in great shape. If you’re not in great shape (like me) take a look at your “habit” called exercise and you will discover the reason why!

So habits are important if we want to experience real long-term benefits of being a blogger and becoming a professional blogger.  When it comes to creating a professional blog the habit you need to adopt is the “No excuses” habit.  It’s a tough one but here’s what someone told me years ago

“Diane. You can have your results or you can have your reasons and excuses for not getting your results.”  Naturally I wanted results and got to work on becoming a “no excuses woman”

Of course when you begin to take on the habit of not making excuses first you become aware of just how many times an excuse for not getting something done falls out of your mouth like rain from the clouds and then you realise just how hard it is to stick to not making excuses!

Think about a time when you set out to get a load of things done but five hours later you can not even list what you have achieved on that day.

You have wandered aimlessly without any real focus and now it feels like you “got nothing done!” – ever had one of those days!

Now imagine a life where you committed to blog everyday, spend time researching what’s happening in your niche, complete your marketing plan for that day and learn something new from a membership site you belong to that you then put in action on your blog without excuses. You just got on and did it! How would that make you feel?

Can you notice the different way that these two scenarios make you feel even as you read them! What will help you now is if you can identify what the difference was between the two. As you think about a day when you felt as if you got nothing done and another day when you seemed to get everything done you wanted to what was missing from the non starter day that was in the organised day?

You will probably notice the following about your organised day :

  • You knew what needed to be done because you had written it down or held it firmly in your mind and got on and did it.
  • There will be things you normally do on a disorganised day that on your organised day you stayed away from like opening your email account, or starting Twitterdeck!
  • Maybe there was a feeling of determination in you. You felt determined to finally finish something so it is out of the way

There will be many reasons why one day is different from the next for you and finding out what the difference is will help you in creating new habits which help you enjoy productive days.
Of course there will always be days when we just don’t get much done and that’s okay every now and again but if you are running a business then it is not a habit you want to adopt on a regular basis.

No excuses living

As you think about living a life without excuses I am sure the excuses about why that is just not possible are forming as you read this and let me tell you living this life isn’t easy. Wanting to be successful isn’t easy but it is possible and it becomes possible when you make a commitment to make it happen by forming habits that will help rather than hinder your progress.

In order to be successful with your blog business and become a professional blogger you must create a new habit for yourself. This is something you are about to “fit in” with all the other things you have going on in your life. How much time you spend on it will be in direct relation to how important you see your blog business and what it can do for you.

The consequences of bad habits take time to show up but they always do

The results of your bad habits will not show up immediately. My bad habit was not to plan work in advance for myself when I worked as a consultant. I would enjoy work when I had it and always waited for someone to refer new work to me but never future planned. By the time I realised I had no work it had already stopped for two or three months. By the time I thought about finding new work it took me another one or two months. That’s 3-5 months with no income coming in because of my bad habit.  Once I knew that I had this habit I was able to work towards changing it by planning more.

Make time to achieve your dream

If you know that running a highly success blog is YOUR THING for ultimate success then see what you have to give up to make time for it. Maybe less time spent in the bar drinking with your friends. Perhaps you can wake up an hour earlier than usual or maybe watch an hour less of TV at night. I am not asking you to give up living, just to sacrifice a little of your time to create a new habit.

A good habit to get into is doing something at the same time on the same day whenever possible. It will help you get into a routine. So if you back up your websites monthly choose the last Wednesday of each month, and make it the first task you do when you switch on your computer.

If you work and you are building your blog you need to be more committed than most because you need to fit in your blog business with everything else you have going on in life. It is possible (just in case you were thinking about coming up with an excuse) because I have known people who were working 50-70 hours a week who managed it. It took them 2 years but after that time their blog was so successful they were able to give up their job and focus on it full time because it was bringing in a big enough income for them.

Just at the beginning while you get into a routine of developing a new habit tell yourself  exactly what you will be doing:

“At 6am for 60 minutes twice a week I will wake up and work on my blog”

Write down your commitment and get into that habit of getting yourself out of bed at 5.50am and ready with a hot drink to settle into doing your hour every Monday and Wednesday (or whichever two days you choose).

A 30 day challenge for you
It’s been said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit (or to break an old one) so my challenge for you – if you choose to accept it – is to decide on what your new habit will be and stick to it for 30 days.

If you really want to be strict with yourself here is what you do….. if at any time during those 30 days you don’t stick to your new habit then you start again from day one until you can do 30 days straight of whatever you committed to get done. Try this out with just one new habit at a time and watch your life transform.

Of course you can do more. So if you find yourself waking up three times a week instead of two then that’s fantastic but you must at least stick to the minimum plan of twice a week.

Stop your whining and complaining too

I don’t tolerate whining and I have no time for listening to excuses although I will give people a little rope to complain and give me excuses – but not much!

Part of running a successful blog includes having to do things that you might not want to do like sitting and adding your blog to blog directories 150 times a month (or week). The thing is complaining about it only makes it harder to do, why not put on a CD listen to some music an sing along while you do it because that will be far more fun. Disney taught us to whistle while we work remember. 🙂

As Membership Manager of Blog Success I am always listening to people make excuses about an awesome plan that exists to bring a flood of traffic to their blog. It is called the 60 day plan and is available for members only.
What members tend to do is look at the whole 60 days and complain about the work that is needed to get their blog flowing with regular traffic. I tend to focus them on two very important things

  1. That they only need to focus on and complete one day at a time and if that one day takes them 5 days or even 17 days that is okay, just as long as they are doing something (and understand that their results will reflect that)
  2. Focusing on the end result is far more powerful than looking at what needs to be done. If at the end of day 60 your blog goes from having no traffic at all to enjoying a regular flow of hundreds of visitors a day won’t those 60 days be worth the effort?

Those who succeed are willing to look at the end result of what their efforts will bring not the actual work that needs to be done so focus on that. I had to consider the end result of getting this book written which I saw as new blog readers, new subscribers and taking another step forward in building my authority as a blog professional. If I only focused on the fact that I had 3 sections to write, one section of which has 10 chapters and each chapter had to be between 5-10 pages long you wouldn’t be reading this right now!!!

Here’s an important lesson I was told about being successful online if you want to separate yourself from the sheep (the masses of people that do the same thing) and enjoy an abundant, unique lifestyle that you designed by choice then you must understand this one thing – everything you do today will affect what happens in your life tomorrow.
Your habits (or lack of them) will determine how successful you are in the future so get used to telling yourself (especially when you don’t want to blog) that negative habits produce a lack of results and negative consequences. Developing successful habits produces rewards on a consistent basis.
What you do today really does have an impact on how your life will be in the future. Maybe not tomorrow or even next week but months from now – so if you want to be seeing positive results months from now get into creating successful habits today.

That is the END of the Mindset Of A Blogger eCourse that covered how to make money blogging

Now you need to think about who you are blogging for….. are you

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