When you run an online business it is important your message is clear and your business follows through on your message. We are now on day seven of the Spiritus Spiritual Awareness Month and its my turn to contribute an article which focuses on how can clarity convey congruence?

When you focus on traffic  generation for your blog that is really only the first step towards making your business happen. When those visitors arrive they will be greeted by a message that you tell them and based on that they decide whether to stay around or move on. If your message is incongruent Рmeaning you say one thing but do another Рit can confuse people who will eventually switch off.

Part of your blog marketing strategy should be to have a clear and consistent message that your business works towards improving all the time – sure we slip up every now and again or we promise things that we don’t deliver on but what is important is that people are kept aware, most people will happily forgive if you are upfront and truthful.

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