One of the things new business blog owners struggle with is knowing how often to add content to their business blog and what to write about.  In this post I want to focus on how often you should create new content.
There is no exact science to this. It is more of an art that I have managed to work out what has prompted success and what hasn’t.
Here is what I know. If you are using business blogging to help you succeed at digital marketing:
The more you blog the quicker you get noticed.
Common sense really. By the law of averages it stands to reason that someone blogging once a month will have limited success when compared to something blogging every day and that someone blogging three times a day will find an audience faster than someone blogging once a day. This of course takes into account that you are using your keyword phrases when writing to help you get noticed.
The more you can blog the better but with your mind very much on quality, the content you are adding to a new post has to be meaningful for the people reading.  You can write micro blog posts such as a quote of the day or a photo/video, shorter blog posts that are 200-300 words and occasionally longer more in-depth blog posts that are 1,000-1,500 words with a mixture of images and video thrown in!
business blog, local blog marketingHere are some variations
If you have just bought a brand new domain and you set up your blog. This means you have to work harder because your domain is a “baby” and the search engines need to know whether they can trust you, Blogging twice a day 5 days a week for three months will help establish you in their eyes as a credible force.
If you have had your domain for a year or more and you have never used it. Although you are a little older than a new domain the search engines still don’t know whether to trust you but blogging 3-5 times a week will really help you get noticed fast.
If you have a domain that already has content on it – maybe you have a blog that isn’t working well and you want to establish it to help your business 2-3 times a week using your keyword phrases will help position your blog where you want it to be.
Ultimately, it is up to you and how much time you have. I always find having a schedule helps.
You may want to sit on a Sunday and write out 5 blog posts that you time to come out one day at a time because you can do that with a blog.
Or you may prefer to start your computer and sit and write each blog post out first thing in the morning, or last thing at night to post in the morning.
Whatever you want to do is really up to you – just make it happen and stick to it. Those first few months are critical for your business blog if your aim is to get noticed and attract leads into your business.
Adding content to your business blog
You may find it easier to keep a Word document that contains each blog post for a week. You name this 5 page document according to the date e.g. blog content for w/e 27/07/2011 and you write each title on a fresh page and write your blog post – then it is a simple process of cut and paste.
If you are buying a brand new domain and setting up a new blog and you want to see results within 90 days (and by results I mean people actually getting in touch with you) – then write blog posts twice a day, five days a week for three months.
If you have written a long article that you want to add to your blog you can split it half way and add it as Part I then the next one will be Part II – at least that way you get two blog posts from one article!
Remember, when it comes to creating content for your business blog you are already an expert. Think about stuff you have already written, the leaflets you have – how can they provide information, think about what you know and how you help. You can do this.
Break it down like I said above by focusing in on just one week at a time and then one day in that week – that way you won’t get overwhelmed.
Spend a couple of hours on the weekend planning out the week ahead. All you need is the possible title and a brief summary of what to focus on as a way to remind yourself, not the whole blog post.
Think about staff members who can help you create new content or maybe even customers or guest bloggers.
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