The biggest killer of dreams is procrastination. It stops you from getting any further as you make excuses for why things are not done. This is different to stopping and taking stock. We all need to take stock but it is a different energy, a different feeling and you know it…. or at least I hope you do. If you know yourself at all you will know if you are procrastinating because you need to think about your next move or if it is out of fear of the thought of getting your eBook on to the internet and selling ebooks.

There was an internet expert who used to write about failing fast- I don’t recall his name now but the message was the sooner you fail the better because you can mess up, learn from it and create another product that will work and help you bring in a whole bunch of passive income.

create an ebook
Writers block or being stuck

Sometimes the mere thought of writing can stop us from thinking about what to write about. Relax. You are an expert and there will be a ton of knowledge in your head that people will want to know. Just focus on thinking about “how do I help” and “what solution do I provide” or maybe “what questions do I always get asked by new clients” – those three questions should help to get you thinking about what to write.

If you have stopped writing your ebook because you are not sure what to include or you are stuck then give yourself a break. Go off and read material around the web about your topic. Read as much as you can for around an hour then write nothing for another few hours. Come back to your computer and begin thinking about your topic and see what comes out!

Continuous editing / perfectionism

This is a great procrastination technique for would be eBook sellers – to keep editing and reediting, reading and re-reading all the time delaying when your eBook will be sold online.

STOP IT. QUIT IT!! People are in pain and are waiting for what you have to offer. Get it up and out there.  While writing an ebook the more you edit the more you find to edit and at some point you just have to decide what you have written is good enough.

If you are using your ebook to generate leads for your local business by giving it away for free you really want to make sure you get it out as quickly as you can rather than waste time on perfectionism.

Anyway, if you begin promoting it and decide to change it six months from now your new up to date version gives you a reason to begin blogging and writing about it all over again!


Not knowing how to sell your ebook online or how to get your selling system up and working may cause you some trouble and the best thing you can do is outsource that task. Find someone to do it for you and throw money at the problem 🙂

You don’t want to waste precious time trying to figure out a complete system when someone can have it all up and working for you within half a day.

Imagine going to bed and waking up to 25 new emails that say “you made a sale!” wouldn’t that be fantastic…

When you are selling ebooks online it can happen but first you need to stop procrastinating and start writing. Then once the writing is over you need to focus on getting it up on the web. The final step once it is up on the web is to promote it so people can find it.

Getting your eCommerce store up on the web to sell ebooks is something we can help you with – so is the promotion of your business blog for your local business. Click Here to find out more and call Diane on 07745 85 84 83 for an informal discussion on starting a business blog.