As a local business you want to focus on writing your blog to attract attention from your local area. The best way I know how to blog and attract visitors is to focus on the following:

When writing blog posts include your area and postcode in them when you can. You might talk about being the only florist in Camden that does X, Y and Z – you managed to use the word “florist in Camden” or the only property management company in NW7 that provides this kind of service.

Also focus on local events. Use events that are relevant to what your do and mention them at your blog. If you attend local events blog about that a couple of months before the event (or as soon as you know you are attending) and mention the local area you will be in.

When writing your content you also want to make sure you link your posts together as much as possible. You are ranked by how long visitors spend on your site (blog or website) and you can keep people’s attention if they read one great article and you provide a link to another.

Internal linking also helps with your search engine optimisation efforts because it helps the “spider” who comes round to take a look at your blog flow through it quickly.  It links everything together rather than having a bunch of separate posts and pages.

If you have a website and a separate blog you can write in your blog and link back to relevant pages on your website using your keyword phrases.
I do all of the above while blogging twice a day for three months and that is how I blog and attract visitors to a blog – new or established.  It provides enough activity for you to see a significant increase in the amount of visitors you receive every day.

If you are too busy to do this yourself we have freelance professionals who can take on this work for you because they also know how to blog and attract visitors – it leaves you free to enjoy running your business knowing that you will bring in new clients this way.