While a large number of people have picked up on the fact that you can make money with a blog that isn’t the only thing they can be used foe because blogging can be a great activity to engage in as a way of expressing your thoughts, feelings and opinions.  How to blog creatively where money isn’t your first concern can happen in different ways:

Share your experiences/journal

Writing is a wonderful way to heal and you will be surprised at the number of people you will touch either because they have been through a similar experience, they are going through it or they are just empathetic to your journey. You may think that people won’t be interested in what you have to say and in fact I have found that people who believe that not only have amazing stories to tell but they also make excellent bloggers.

Keep in touch with family

For a parent there is nothing more concerning than when your child leaves to go off around the world to travel or work. We want them to be independent and live a full life but that doesn’t stop us worrying about their safety. A blog is a great way to keep family up to date. Log on every day and share what you are doing, where you are going and maybe even make a video/add a photo.

Or maybe you have retired and you are spending your time travelling around the world. A blog is a great way to share the different places you experience and add photos of the people you meet and the communities to stay in.

How to blog creatively

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Get yourself a job

People with blogs are finding it is a way to reach out to potential employers. You can share your expertise about your particular industry and let them know what you know by writing it all out or making a video blog. It is so very different from all the other applicants if you can include your blog address on an application form and you may even find the suitable employers will find you because of your blog.  As employers find ways to cut costs paying employment agencies is a major  expense and if they can find people online instead it will be a much easier way to employ qualified people.

Go from semi pro to professional

If you are a semi professional sports person keep a record of your achievements on your blog. Watch your career blossom. Get a family member to record you on video and add it to youtube. My son is heavily into cricket and I am there to record his matches and take photos. I won’t start a blog yet because he is just playing locally but if he decides he wants to go semi professional I will have everything I need to create a blog of what he has achieved so far.

Can you think of other creative ways to blog? Blogging doesn’t always have to be about how to make money and even if you are not using your blog in that way it is still a good idea to get training so you know how to appeal to the market you want to reach out to. You may think you are just sharing your experiences but if you want to reach out – for example if you have been a victim of domestic abuse and you want to share how you overcame that – knowing how to set up your blog so it reaches the people you want it to is very important.