Writing a blog post that will help you make money is the ultimate goal of most professional bloggers and learning how to find time to blog is usually the biggest challenge. Until today…

Get to know what it is you don’t know as fast as you can.
Robert Miller, The Super Manager

Blog Wise is the latest product on how to blog from six-figure blogger Darren Rowse and his high earning friends! The 9 bloggers have come together to teach all of us who want to learn how to make money blogging how they stay productive.

The key to running a successful blog is to ensure your productive levels stay high. On the internet there are millions of abandoned blogs that were started and left because people just gave up on them. Three common reasons for not writing blog posts include:

Writers block – can be a big problem for bloggers, especially if you are new. If you are using your blog to sell your own products and/or affiliate products you need to keep a flow of regular, quality content posted to it. Darren Rowse and Heather Armstrong (Dooce.com) share how they get through writers block.

Feeling Overwhelmed/Procrastination – When you feel overwhelmed and you are not sure what step to take or what you should start on first it is easy to get disheartened and not focus on anything! Inside Blog Wise are some great tips from Leo Babauta from Zen Habits on how to get on the right track and get productive.

Don’t plan how they will find time to blog.  To earn an income as a professional blogger you need to plan more than just writing a blog post you need to manage your comments, tweak your blog template, read the latest blog posts in your niche to stay up to date, research your next blog post, promote your last blog post and a whole host of other things. Many people are doing their best to make money with a blog while holding down a full time job and/or looking after a family. The mindset of a successful blogger WILL focus on planning all of this activity (or at least 99% of it – there is always something unexpected that can happen!)

If you are a blogger you have probably heard of ProBlogger Darren Rowse but are you familiar with these other big income earning bloggers who have contributed to Blog Wise?

Heather Armstrong – Over at Dooce.com Heather Armstrong – an entertaining personal blog on life (and dogs) that regularly gets over 100 comments on each blog post.

Brian Clark – Copyblogger – who focuses on content writing and traffic conversation. Just as well known and loved as ProBlogger Brian Clark is a true master of making money with a blog and showing others how to do the same.

Gretchen Rubin from Happiness Project – If you want proof that you don’t have to be in the ‘make money online’ niche to actually make money online Gretchen Rubin (and Heather Armstrong who I mentioned above) provide that for you. As the blog is called the happiness project I guess I don’t need to tell you what it focuses on!

Leo Babauta from Zen Habits – Another amazing blogger. Zen Habits is THE blog to read if you want to learn how to relax and flow with life. It is also one of the most simplistic blogs I have ever seen.

These bloggers and others have come together to help you learn how to find time to blog. For all of them it is about passion and productivity. They have managed to get it right and now we have an opportunity to learn from them. The email telling me about this product only came out a few hours ago so I haven’t had a chance to take a look at my copy but I am looking forward to reading it. The official launch takes place in around two weeks but you don’t have to wait.