How do you write an eBook?  Even more importantly than that is how do you write a successful eBook? What makes one eBook shine and sell thousands while others flop?

The answer is in one word QUALITY

You need to focus on quality when you write your eBook and that includes knowing who you are writing for

Focus on quality when you market your eBook and get visitors to it

Focus on the quality of your web page to convert those visitors into subscribers who join your email marketing campaign or buy your eBook

Those are the only three things you really need to focus on to be successful and the two most important parts are doing your research (you will hear me mention this a lot!) and having an email marketing campaign in place because not everyone will want to buy first time so you need to know how to keep their attention until they do.

You also need to bring a strong sense of value and wanting to help people otherwise your eBook just won’t work. People will request refunds and all that effort put into marketing your eBook will be for nothing.

Ultimately, write eBooks that help people not just fill your pockets with cash because your reputation will be short lived if your product isn’t any good.  When your number one priority is your customer making money from eBooks will be easy for you.

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