More than ever people are using the internet to search for products and services in their local area and the experts are predicting this is only going to continue growing.

As more mobile devices like phones, ipads, ipods, laptops provide instant access to the web even on the move it is important your local business is online – but not by putting up a few posts on a business blog. We are in the age of digital marketing and attention marketing. You need to grab people’s attention and hold it.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to use your blog that is attached to your own website. By developing content (written, audio and/or video) you are able to get your voice out in onto the web. Your content will appear in the search results and people will be able to get in touch. That’s how I meet a lot of my customers.

People buy from people – that is an old marketing saying that many of us are familiar with and yet so many local businesses do not think about including their own website blog into their online activity.

They are not using the internet in a way that will get them noticed. A massage therapist in Luton who used his business blog recently told me about a new client who rang him after watching one of his videos.

The great news is because you are creating this content based on your expertise and your knowledge there is nothing new to learn – you already have most of the tools you need to succeed.

Now all you need is an audience and the ability to get that message on to the internet. That is what your blog will help you achieve.

When I speak at events or attend networking events I meet people who say they know me.

They have seen me online and they feel as if they know me because I make an effort to reach out and be seen online.

Think about new people completing your “contact us” form so they can get in touch to ask about your business or calling your telephone number because they want to buy your product.

Now more than ever having a business blog is not only about providing quality information. It is about getting eyeballs onto what you are doing.

It is about holding the attention of an audience who will click away if you don’t get to the point quick enough.

For the people who buy from you it is about getting to know the person behind the business.

In case you haven’t heard people are throwing their phone book away in the thousands and replacing it with something much faster, far more dynamic and instantly accessible on their computer, mobile phone, ipad, iphone, and other accessories called the internet.

Start building your online presence using your business blog so you don’t miss out on the new business that can come your way and before the competition beat you to it and start showing up in the search results before you do.