One of the great things about having a WordPress blog is its effectiveness at being able to help you attract and find new customers. It is also great at helping you increase existing business with your business blog.

My daughter is currently studying at Warwick University and wants to become an advertising Account Manager. She told me a story about Sainbury’s and their desire to bring in an additional 2 million in income. Their Account Manager came up with an idea that didn’t involve trying to beat the competition (Tescos) but instead increasing business with the customers they already had.

By developing a range of food that they put together and encouraged customers to buy (starter, meal, dessert) each customer paid an extra £1.50 on their usual shopping bill. Doing that made them their £2 million.

It really was that simple to bring in extra profit to their business by increasing business with existing customers. Simply offer your customers something that encourages them to spend a little more than usually. If you use your business blog to promote a service maybe you can offer them a deal to bring them back to you as a customer.

If you have a product or workshop you can promote it on your business blog and bring in extra income that way. When you start a business blog with – you not only get a blog that is promoted for you by us ensuring you gain attention, but you also get an ecommerce store.

If you have been thinking about starting a business blog for your local area as a way of building an online presence complete my enquiry form and I will get back to you.

Yes, you can go ahead and set up a free blog on any of the other blogging platforms but who will ever find you? Running a blog is about more than just writing content and hoping to get noticed.

Blog promotion is extremely important and that’s what we do for you making sure you get found within your local area whether that is Richmond in Greater London or Llanfair Caereinion in Wales.