I earn direct and indirect income from my business blog.
Direct income from things like adsense where someone clicks an advertising link and I earn an income but this post is going to focus on indirect ways.
You are a business professional with a range of skills and a mountain of knowledge on your particular discipline and when you share that on your business blog and add some of the online local marketing techniques I show our you, you gain attention.
That attention can bring in profit to your business in the following indirect ways.
Speaking Opportunities
This has been one of the main ways that I have managed to earn an income. By being asked to speak at events that I either promote my services/products at or I get paid to speak. Remember your blog does not have to contain written material only, you can create audios and videos that add variety and give people a clear idea about what you can do. By the time they get in touch they will feel as if they already know you.
Joint Venture and Partnership Opportunities
I have made connections purely on the basis of something that someone read on my blog. They get in touch and we look at how working together might be possible. You may be a weight loss coach who blogs on a regular basis and gets noticed by a fitness experts who wants to get together with you.
People will be able to tell a lot by your writing style, your willingness to share and your interaction with readers on your blog and you will find that connections happen because of it.
Free gifts and incentives
This usually happens when you have more of an established profile on the internet. The best gift I received was two weeks free in a hotel and an opportunity to speak in the Caribbean. Wonderful gift and wonderful time. Writing in your blog and sharing your knowledge again opens up these kinds of opportunities. It doesn’t happen overnight – but it does happen.
Online and Offline Writing Opportunities
You may be given an opportunity to write for a magazine or add your content to someone’s blog, which is a great opportunity for you. If for example you work with stressed out executives and you are offered to write on a blog that supports executives you are being given a chance to reach out to your target audience.
As well as writing online you can also get indirect work from your business blog by being offered a chance to write articles for a local paper, a magazine or any publication – all of which will provide you with opportunities to promote the work that you do.
Book deals
Not something I have been fortunate enough to experience (yet!) but I have read many stories that appear on news sites that talk about bloggers who were offered book deals because of the great content they write. Search online and check for yourself if you don’t believe me. Type in – bloggers who get book deals – or something along those lines and you will find stories that show it really does happen.
So there you have it, five indirect ways you can increase your business profits with a blog. All of them viable and easy to achieve as long as you are blogging on a regular basis (at least once a day for a new blog under 3 months old and 3-4 times a week on a blog that is older)
The more you can write quality content the more successful your online local marketing efforts will be, giving people more chances to find you and remember you are sharing what you know on your blog so you will always have something to say, that is what is so wonderful about blogging your passion.
Always remember that we are here to help you with anything you need to know about how to develop a business blog and digital marketing strategy so local people find you online.
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