I can’t tell you the number of times I wanted to give up being online and being a blogger. It just seemed I would never turn the corner and finally start making money. I had spent a fortune and made my share of internet marketing mistakes and from all that money I had hardly achieved a thing.

I would switch off my computer and go to bed feeling as if I just didn’t want to do this anymore because it was too hard. I was doing what the guru’s told me to

  • I was on all the social media sites
  • I was providing free valuable content and lots of it
  • I was distributing my free ebooks and free videos to various sites
  • I was providing free teleseminars that members of my network could listen to

I was doing over and above what it took to build an online EMPIRE never mind a business! I kept wondering why I was earning less than £300 a month when the effort and the hours I was putting in  were costing me £3,000 a month!!!

I had spent close to $30,000 in 18-24 months just to learn how to make money online and still all I was experiencing was a low income, no holiday, hardly any time with my kids, and definitely no social life! That was in 2007 and I knew things had to change.

Changing My Approach To Running My Online Business

There are two camps online. Those who put up websites on any niche and sell a product before moving on to a different niche, and those that want to build relationships and be recognised as an expert in their niche. I fell into the second camp! I often wonder if I wouldn’t be a lot further forward financially had I just put some sites up and sold stuff. I didn’t want to put myself in both camps because it would take my focus away from building myself as someone people knew and could can trust.

So in some ways I believed I hindered my success because of that and in other ways I believe I merely slowed it down a little. Like the tortoise and the hare I was the tortoise and I knew that eventually I will get to where I desire to be.

Here is what I did to start my journey :

1. I went back to basics and looked at what I wanted to focus on. I discovered I was making money using blogs/social networks, membership sites and information products. I loved creating audio and that helped to get the word out about me. They became my business system.

2. I looked at my market and thought hard about whether I wanted to continue to work with just women or whether I wanted to broaden out. I decided to stick to working mainly with women but would also support men who “seek me out” – so I don’t actively market to attract male clients but a few do get in touch because they resonate with what I do.

Jimmy D Brown and the mentoring I went through with him had taught me to focus on a huge market and offer different things within that one market.  I decided to focus on women internet marketers (but changed it to online business building), I have products up for mothers looking to learn how to become a blogger and now through this blog I will focus on professional business women looking to get online.

3. I decided to put all that good knowledge of mine to use and work freelance! I have worked with some great clients. Mainly men who contacted me and continue to work as Membership Manager of Blog Success. A membership site for anyone who wants to learn how to make money blogging.

4. I began to look at how I can use my skills as a trained teacher, coach and mentor to help people and decided that doing more speaking and more group training sessions will be a great way to increase my income and get myself known as a UK internet marketer.

5. I looked at my mindset and realised I was spending too much time focusing on what wasn’t working and had to look at what was and focus on that. Plus I began to focus in on what I wanted. This is where my passion for mindset came from. Until then I had focused on self belief and I had plenty of that. But my mind  had begun to focus on what wasn’t working and all that happened is I got more of what I focused on!

If You Are Ready To Throw In The Towel – This Too Will Pass!

If you are ready to throw in the towel (and those days of not wanting to do anything online can still hit me!) here is what I find helps :

I change my “state” – when you are feeling a particular emotion your body has control over you. Whether it is happiness or anger you are gripped in feeling whatever it is you are feeling. When I get the feeling of not wanting to continue I simply recall my vision, remember why I am doing what I am doing. I have feelings associated with that and I switch off my computer and spend the evening visualising the life style I want and feeling the emotions of having already achieved it.

This is why I focus on mindset and vision because they both play a huge part in helping you succeed.

At any moment if you are feeling frustrated, sad, angry – you can choose to change those emotions just by telling yourself you refuse to allow them to dominate you. It is about taking back control of your mind and emotions. You have all the control even if you have been living as if your body controls you! It takes some practice but you will get it easily the more you use it. Just choose, in the midst of anger, to let it go and smile. I promise you it really does work.

My feeling was usually frustration or helplessness. I will always allow myself to feel what I need to but then I will tell myself I have a choice. I tell myself that I am keeping me feeling this way. I focus on something that makes me smile or laugh. I will put on music and dance. Because I meditate I can close my eyes and simply make a choice to feel better. Sometimes I will seek out inspiring stories and read/listen to them.

NOTE : Your mind right now may be fighting this. It will do all it can to keep control over you rather than have you been in control. It will tell you that this can’t work or that it is impossible. You can believe it and continue with the way your life is or you can choose to ignore it and give this a go. Your mind will want to keep you where you are right now, that is why change can sometimes take time, as well as sometimes happening in an instant! Once you gain control of your mind you are on the road to achieving what you desire.

I have accepted it doesn’t happen overnight

Despite the dreams that the “Gurus” of 2006/2007 tried to sell me it can take a little longer than a few weeks to succeed. Even those who sold products that bought in millions in a few days had been around and trying for years. They don’t share that of course. They share from their most recent success and make you believe you can do it too (which of course you can when you persist)

Someone once sent me an email and asked “is it really possible to earn a 6-7 figure income as a blogger” because marketers had been promoting their course saying it was possible to do that and more. I replied of course it is possible but what people do not put in their marketing is that it might take you a few years to achieve it. Most of the successful bloggers have been blogging for at least 5 years or more. Provide consistent value for 5 years and of course you will earn a fortune!

Becoming a successful blogger requires just as much effort as becoming  a successful anything whether it is a singer, actor, footballer, all the people who are successful will tell you about the hours they put in to become the best! During that time you will have your highs and lows and it is your mindset as a blogger and how you condition your self to believe and succeed that will make the biggest difference, turning your low points back into feelings of desire and making sure you are ready to continue working towards your dreams.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

During moments like these you need positive people around you. I have friends and my children who totally believe in me to be able to provide them with the lifestyle we desire. Even when reality is saying it’s not happening they refuse to buy into that (so do I) and keep focused on where I want to be.

I believe my mistakes of 2007 and the impact they had in 2008 came about so I could see just how strong I was and whether I could handle it. When in the midst of one of the biggest challenges of my life I made the decision to be happy anyway and remember how blessed I was my whole business began to change. I am sure in a few years I will be ready to share the complete story of just how bad things got!

Someone asked me whether I had been through any other challenges that I had managed to come through okay and that really helped. When I look back over one challenge in particular of having to raise 2 children and a newborn alone I realised that I got through that and I will get through this. What helped me then was prayer, family, friends and focusing on my strengths and self belief – I decided it was time to use those things again!

I am focused on continuing to build my business. I have the support of some awesome people and my self belief and mindset mean I will succeed. In fact if you are working through something similar and you haven’t given up you are a success too so remember that. We are already successful because we choose to keep going. Tenacity is one of my strongest traits 🙂