There is an obsession with what constitutes a successful business blog. Most people focus on the number of comments it has.
Maybe you need to be obsessed with that if you are a regular blogger looking to promote an affiliate product or get some traffic to click on your adsense ads. Or if you are looking to be a social blogger with an influencing voice on the web.

However as a business blog you are doing something different. You are looking to generate visitors who become leads and take action based on what you share. The ultimate result for you should be for someone to buy a product and/or service from you.
Your blog post written correctly and in a way to reach out to your intended audience (big mistake as a business blog is not knowing who your audience is) will act as a targeted article for you.

If I write about ‘personal trainer marketing’ or ‘helping therapists start a business blog’ that blog article will only attract the attention of those professionals. It will be of no interest to a florist or estate agent.

Then you include your local area if that is relevant. So writing a blog post for personal trainers in Staffordshire will again help me to target the people I want to attract.

Now all I need to decide is what is my end result. What do I want the personal trainers in Staffordshire to do when they find me?

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Every blog post I write has a purpose as a business blogger. If it has no comments or 50 is not important to me.

What is important is using a blog to attract the attention of small local business owners and solo-entrepreneurs in the UK so they know my WordPress website service is here to help them build an online presence.

More people complete the contact me form than leave a comment. I get business all the time from people who find me on the web.

How I write a blog post on how I teach my clients to blog really works to bring in BUSINESS, which should be the ultimate result for any business blog.

What is the purpose of your business blog?

Why are you writing?

Who do you want to attract and ultimately do you know what results you want your business blog to bring you? These are some of the questions you need to consider because when you know that you can make your WordPress website work for you.