If you are giving away a free eBook you might want to spend some time adding it to as many free sites as you can. This is many for eBooks that were created to generate world wide leads – lets say you are selling something and you don’t mind who finds you or where they are.

For obvious reasons if your aim is to bring in local people into your therapy room then it won’t be worth focusing on all of these sites although the link from them to you (for those that allow you to include a link) can be worth doing.

When you create your free eBook make sure you add your website link to it and other links to your social media profile. These links are picked up by the search engines even if the are in your PDF and count towards your link building efforts.

If any of these sites are no longer active when you click them please let me know. It is the best way for me to keep it up to date. If you know of any free eBook sites worth including that are not here let me know that too.


Free eBook Sites

* http://www.free-ebooks.net

* http://www.scribd.com/

* http://www.ebookjungle.com

* http://www.ebook88.com

* http://www.ebooktags.com

* http://www.ebookdirectory.com

* http://www.hmpebooks.com

* http://www.ecourseweb.com

* http://www.virtual-ebooks.com

* http://knowfree.net

* http://www.ebookletdirectory.com (for booklets)

* http://www.getfreeebooks.com

* http://anythingebooks.com

* http://www.jogena.com

* http://www.e-booksdirectory.com


I hope you find this list useful. This is a great way to include on your list of things to do to market an eBook