Yesterday, I met up with my mastermind group and a new member asked me a question about my mindset – what kind of mindset did I think a person needed to succeed online. That got me thinking about professional bloggers and mindset – most of them will tell you that mindset is absolutely essential to succeed and they are so very right (otherwise I wouldn’t have created this blog!)

When I first came online in 2005 I wanted to focus on mindset – the mindset you need to start, developing and run a business online – but no one was interested back then, all everyone wanted was to buy products that “sell the dream!” and I got caught up in that too.  I have maxed out credit cards, bought products I never ended up using, started things that didn’t work out, worked with people that ended up a complete waste of time. I messed up but none of that mattered because ultimately I believed in my ability to generate a full time income from the internet and I did it – and still do it.

Around 2007 when “selling the dream” wasn’t working for everyone and experienced marketers were being blamed – people blamed the product, and maybe in some cases it was but not all the time.  Marketers found that some people never got started with the material they bought, others had limited success and a few people ended up making six figures a year and they began to wonder why that was.  How could three people buy the same product and have such different results? They realised that it was the persons approach to using the product that determined their success.

Suddenly, marketers began to talk about mindset more, rather than something that was “good to know” it became an important part of any good training course.
focus will help you blog and make money blogging
Do you really need mindset to achieve? It is my belief that you do. There are times when it is more important than others though. There isn’t just one box called “mindset” that you need to inject – it will depend on what you are doing online and what your ultimate goal is.

If you sit at home, create affiliate blogs, sell other people’s products. The mindset you will need is one of determination – getting the work done that you need to do. Focusing in on getting results and learning new things

If you want to be an authority and promote your own products. You will need the “sit at home” mindset too, but you will also need the ability to believe in what you create. So many people create products that never make it off their computer and on to the internet!

If you work full time and you are developing an internet business. You will need the mindset of vision. It is your vision for what you will gain from getting on your computer and “working” the 5-9 shift after a hard day at work that will determine your succeses as a professional blogger.

If you are going to make blogging your way to make money online you really do need to focus on the pro blogging mindset you will need to make that happen. Things like

finding a lucrative passion – being passionate about a topic is not enough, finding a topic that can make you money but you have no passion for is not enough. Find a lucrative passion that is sought after AND you are passionate about.

  • doing your research (don’t be in a rush to just get a blog up!)
  • creating a schedule – yes you really DO have to blog five times a week, get over it and get on with it. write out a plan for when you will blog
  • learning how to succeed (you learn how to write, read and add up – success isn’t taught at school – learn from successful people)
  • innovating so you don’t always follow the crowd – if you believe in your product and people aren’t searching for it are you willing to work on it for years before you see any results? Seven years ago if someone researched “social media marketing” the results were low – but look at it now. Are you part of an emerging trend that being in now will serve you in the future…. are you ready to dig in and wait for your success while you work in that area?

There is a reason I started mindset of a blogger – the reason was to help you understand that to become a professional blogger it takes more than just setting up a blog, writing posts and driving traffic to it. It takes commitment, passion and a strong mindset that will keep you going, pick you up and drive you forward, which is especially important in those moments when you want to give up!