Are you looking to set up a professional WordPress blog that highlights your content?

You can choose from having a WordPress blog that is similar to the Digitally Connected website (and all the other sites I have set up) or you can choose to highlight your blog content.

If you intend to share alot of content on a regular basis with your audience you may prefer this option.

How It Works

Again, the concept is the same. I set up WordPress for you, add the professional theme I use called Divi and the design of the site is professional, yet simple.

Each page will contain an image and under that image will be your blog posts.

As an example. If you are a writer you may write poetry, short stories and flash fiction stores. Each one of those will be your page and each page will contain your content.

So if I clicked on poetry I will be able to read all the poetry you have written.

If, for example, you are a health coach. You may want one page that shows your healthy recipes, another that focuses on fitness and one that focuses on personal development.

If I click on your healthy recipes page I will be able to see all the recipe blog posts you have written.

Highlight Your Content

If you are looking to build your business by building a social media following this is a great way to get them to check out your work.

You will be able to add a subscription button so people stay in touch and they will receive your new blog posts via email.

An Example

An example of a professional blog I have worked on can be found at

They are a startup trading company and they are going to be writing content on a regular basis to update their followers. They have one page that includes all their Technical Articles and another that highlights Fundamental Updates.

Cost Of Your Professional Blog

Whether you prefer a WordPress website with one blog page or you want a professional blog that highlights your content on each page the cost is the same.

Just buy my professional WordPress package for startups and let me know you want to highlight your content.