It is my personal belief that quality is always better than quantity when it comes to blogging. For new bloggers (or at least new domains if you are an experienced blogger) it can really help to get your blog established if you blog everyday for a at leaast six months and when I mentor people I will encourage them to write anything from 15-30 posts once they know what they niche is before they look at setting up their blog (I recently helped a client with a blog launch which went well and may do more of those) so that their blog isn’t “naked!”

When I first started mentoring back in May 2008 clients would set up their blog and because they are all experts in their field I automatically assumed they would start blogging and love it but many of them struggled to find their blogging pattern and get into a blogging habit. What that taught me is the difference in mindset between those that succeed and those that end up abandoning their blog without really giving it a fair chance (now 17 months later blogging every day would have given them a blog with plenty of content).

Although I believe in blogging regularly and often I still believe in quality over quantity any time – I have never been one to play the numbers games whether it is with writing content or gathering Twitter followers! Quality content, that informs, inspires, entertains, helps out, discusses, debates and generally gets people thinking, reading and maybe even sometimes leaving a comment (hint hint 🙂 ) is so much better than just a few lines in a blog that helps no one!

With that said I have stopped adding as many blog posts on here as I wouldl like to and that can happen too sometimes. I don’t only blog about blogging (and help others get started/work freelance) but I also work in the personal growth field and am writing a book as well as re-starting running offline events (first one Friday 30th!) so there may be gaps for a little while. In the meantime though there is always the eCourse I have put together which will provide you with inspiration of the mindset needed to run a blog business (planning, list building, goal setting – all the good stuff!) in the meantime.

My regular plan will resume starting Monday now that the house move is complete and my first event is over – and it is a good example of how at times you can stray away from your regular plan if things are changing. Once a plan is set it doesn’t mean it is set in stone and being flexible enough to move away from it is important.