Here is a list of royalty free images websites that you can use to find images for your blogs, information products and videos. My favourite place to buy images was and it is such a shame it closed down. Now that it moved everything over to istock I have been looking for alternatives and a member of Blog Success (guy called Sohail who who runs a weight loss blog which provides weight loss solutions ) treated us to a great big long list.

I went through the list and added the most relevant. I hope you find it useful.  To download photos all you have to do is click on the photo you want to download then right click your mouse and select “SAVE IMAGE AS” – this will download it to your computer:

This first list includes websites that allow you to use the royalty free images without any need for credit and for any personal use (check for business use). Always check the terms and conditions because these things do change sometimes so do your own due diligence. – travel and nature photos – The site is not written in English so I am not sure if they have any particular rules about using the photos. – space/NASA images – great photos of the UK/London

Credit Due

This list are websites that allow you to use the royalty free images for personal use (always check for commercial usage like adding it to tshirts or using them when building websites) and you must link back to the site and/or give credit to the photographer: – free for online use with higher quality versions for sale. If you don’t know how to upload photos they give you a link that you can copy and paste on to your blog. – wonderful images of sea life, diving and more put together by The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – please read the terms, images are free but some have copyright restrictions. – you have to credit the site AND photographer

Free and Paid

Some of the sites on the list were free to download without signing up (like the ones above) and others like this following list you need to register and become a member to download.  They have a mixture of free and paid images.

If you know of any other sites which provide royalty free images let me know by leaving a comment below. Feel free to use the ShareThis button below and bookmark this post and/or share it with anyone you know who needs photos. – free for online use with higher quality versions for sale