Before writing an eBook there are a few important things to consider – I covered using the internet to conduct research in a previous blog post and in this one I want to focus on how you will sell your eBook. I have found the easiest way to do that is using a blog.

When you write your eBook and put it up online it would be great to think that there was nothing more to do but a big part of you making money selling eBooks focuses on being able to market it to your online audience. If you already have a website you might just include an image and link to your eBook but you really need to do more than that to sell it.  It will help you  are continually writing about it and the best way to do that easily is using a blog.
You set up your blog and write blog posts that focus on helping people letting them know how buying your eBook is the solution to the problem they have.

Using a blog means you won’t have to worry about knowing website html and you can get some great ecommerce plugins that will help you set up the payment structure and delivering the eBook to your customers instantly.

If you think about this blog you will see that I write about writing an eBook and how to sell eBooks online. You will also see that I have a Store that I will continually add products to and I am going to be writing my own course for people who like a step by step approach to successfully writing an eBook.

Every eBook I write will be sold on here unless the topic is so very different that I choose to add it on a new blog. It is very easy to keep writing and selling eBooks, and setting up blogs to promote them. You can earn an income online simply doing that over and over again – always remembering to build your email list so instead of having to continually find new customers you can sell different eBooks to the same customers.

If you are a business professional looking to sell eBooks online I can recommend our WordPress Installation Service to help you – not only can you start a business blog but you get access to an ecommerce plugin and your blog is promoted saving you having to think about blog marketing.